Sony to kick down World Tour Soccer 2006

Newly announced soccer title for the PS2 will feature new teams and players, as well as a Digimask feature that allows gamers to upload their visage.

Sony today announced that it will be releasing World Tour Soccer 2006 for the PlayStation 2 this spring. The title is being developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's London Studios and will be tagged with the Sony's sports gaming brand, 989 Sports.

The soccer simulator will be playable in exhibition, season, career, challenge, and competition modes. The game builds on last year's title, World Tour Soccer 5, by enhancing the game's artificial intelligence, adding new animations, and broadcasting in four different languages.

World Tour Soccer 2006 will feature more than 935 professional teams from both international and club circuits around the globe. The game will also feature a roster of 19,000 real players from 32 different leagues, and 28 different stadiums.

Those looking to really "get into the game" can do so with World Tour Soccer 6's Digimask technology. PS2 owners with an EyeToy peripheral can take a picture of their face, upload it onto a player model, and then take it to the field.

We'll have more on World Tour Soccer 6 as the game's release approaches.

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