Sony raising sales projections for PlayStation 4

PlayStation boss Andrew House confirms sales projections boosted ahead of launch following "favorable reaction" to Monday presentation.

Sony has boosted internal sales projections for the PlayStation 4 after claiming the system was received favorably following the company's press briefing Monday evening.

PlayStation boss Andrew House revealed the news to the Wall Street Journal, but did not quantify how many additional units are now expected to be sold.

During the event, Sony confirmed that the PS4 would not require online check-ins and will play used games without any restrictions.

Microsoft's Xbox One will require players to connect to the Internet once every 24 hours. Decisions about allowing secondhand titles on the platform will be left up to publishers.

Preorders for the PS4 opened Monday evening after Sony announced the system would launch later this year for $399. The Xbox One will retail for $499.

On Amazon, PS4 preorders are outpacing reservations for the Xbox One.

Consumer enthusiasm for the PS4 could lead to supply issues, House noted, saying, "Demand may well outstrip supply."

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