Sony pushes Only On PSN games

PS3-exclusive promotion features Infamous 2: Festival of Blood, PixelJunk Sidescroller; PS2 games also making downloadable debut with God Hand, Odin Sphere, more.

In July, Sony announced that it had invested $20 million into its Pub Fund as part of a three-year deal aimed at bulking up the PlayStation Network game lineup. Now, the Japanese game giant is rolling out a new "Only On PSN" program, highlighting some of the fruits of that investment.

Infamous: Festival of Blood and PixelJunk Sidescroller will cap off the Only On PSN promotion.

The Only On PSN promotion will see new games exclusive to the PlayStation Network every week in October. Sony lists the program as launching tomorrow with the release of Rochard and Eufloria. However, Rochard actually debuted on the PlayStation Store last week.

Sony did not announce prices for any games in the series, but it did note that PlayStation Plus subscribers will enjoy a 20 percent discount on all wares during their first week on sale. Further, Sony noted that those who spend $60 or more from their PSN/Sony Entertainment Network wallet in October will be awarded $10 in November.

In addition to the PSN originals, the Only On PSN program will see the debut of downloadable PlayStation 2 games on the PlayStation 3. The first five games included in the program will be Clover Studio's brawler God Hand, VanillaWare's action strategy GrimGrimoire and action role-playing game Odin Sphere, Konami's tactics game Ring of Red, and Capcom's 3D Ghosts 'n Goblins spin-off Maximo: Ghosts to Glory. Sony did not detail prices for the Only On PSN originals or the PS2 rereleases.

An over-the-top fighting game directed by Shinji Mikami, God Hand was also the last Clover Studios game released.

The complete October release schedule is as follows:

October 4
Rochard (released September 27)
God Hand
Maximo: Ghosts to Glory
Odin Sphere
Ring of Red

October 11
Sideway: New York

October 13
Sodium Collection

October 18
RocketBirds: Hardboiled Chicken

October 25
Infamous: Festival of Blood
PixelJunk Sidescroller

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