Sonic Heroes now $19.99

Sega's 3D adventure game reaches Greatest Hits status on Xbox, PS2, and GameCube.


Sega today announced that Sonic Heroes has achieved Greatest Hits status on the PlayStation 2, Platinum Hits status on the Xbox, and Player's Choice status on the GameCube. While each console has its own moniker for best-seller, they all meet the same result: Each version of Sonic Heroes will be reissued and repackaged and will drop its price tag to $19.99. The game, originally released in January 2004, was the first original Sonic title in several years. It challenged gamers to control teams of Sonic characters, including Team Sonic, Team Dark, and Team Chaotix. Each team has its own unique path across the 14 stages, and they are all after the same thing--the defeat of Sonic nemesis Dr. Eggman. Sonic Heroes is rated E for Everyone.



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