Sonic coming to PS3 and 360?

Sega partners with SF dev shop Secret Level to "reinvent" an unidentified old property for next-generation consoles.

Could Sonic the Hedgehog be rolling onto the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3? That's one of the possibilities raised by a deal announced today between Sega and the San Francisco-based developer Secret Level. The two companies announced they are partnering "to re-create a classic Sega franchise" for Microsoft and Sony's next-generation consoles.

While voicing their enthusiasm, executives from the two companies did not identify which franchise would be the subject of the project. "The talented design team at Secret Level has demonstrated innovation in game development and has a history of technical achievements that will help Sega reinvigorate a vintage and highly commercial franchise," said Sega of America president and COO Simon Jeffery. Secret Level president Jeremy Gordon echoed Jeffery's upbeat attitude. "We are excited to be working with Sega and honored to bring one of their classic franchises to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360," he said.

To date, Secret Level is best known for developing the Xbox editions of Karaoke Revolution and Magic: The Gathering - Battlegrounds. Games on its upcoming slate include the Xbox version of Final Fight: Streetwise and America's Army: Rise of a Soldier for the Xbox and PlayStation 2.

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It will either be a streets of rage or golden axe game. You have to think "franchise" would imply there were more than just a single game made. So a game like altered beast wouldn't count. There was already an update to that announced for the ps2. It could very well be one of their arcade properties. The new version of afterburner in the arcade is sweet. Planet harriers was a followup to the space harrier series and was supposed to come to the dc until they canned it. Galaxy force had a few games under its belt as did hang-on. I would love to see a fully updated 3d rendered thunderblade. If they dig deep enough, they may actually make a new version of Alex Kid.