Sonic Advance ships

THQ ships the GBA incarnation of the blue hedgehog off to retailers.

THQ has announced that it has shipped Sonic Advance, as well as Columns Crown and Puyo Pop, to stores. Sonic Advance marks the first appearance of Sega's mascot on Nintendo's handheld. The game is a completely new Sonic adventure, and it features levels such as a casino zone, a factory zone, and a beach zone, among others. On hand to help out will also be plenty of familiar Sonic characters, such as Tails and Knuckles, both of which can glide across levels for short periods of time. Sonic Advance is also the first domestic game to support the GameCube and Game Boy Advance link cable, which enables players to transfer data on their chaos.

Columns Crown and Puyo Pop are both remakes of popular Sega puzzle games.

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And just like that, Sega was officially out of the hardware biz, and for the first time ever, Sonic was on an Nintendo console. A frickin' Nintendo console. How can you believe that this would happen? Simple. The PS2 was the one that drove Sega to this. The Dreamcast had already died and what else? There's nothing. No words.