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The Internet is always pumping with fresh hype, trends, and legal e-drama. This week's Facebook acquisition of Instagram seemed to be the most talked about. Other topics that surfaced include accusations that CISPA is SOPA in disguise and embedding third-party videos or images war. Moving out of the greedy and on to the giving, Spotify now lets you share free music on personal blogs and Pinterest has new buttons on Ebay or Amazon.


Digging deeper into the realm of social and gaming-related topics, Gaikai plans to the cloud gaming service for Facebook users. The Facebook app beta launches with Saints Row: The Third, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, and more. In other areas around the Internet, FrugalDad declares that gaming is good for you, Avault shares why World of Warcraft gets too much credit, Wired defines asynchronous gaming (think Words With Friends/Draw Something), and Massively contemplates MMO hotbar combat versus action combat.

Geeky Gimmies

For some awesome geeky gimmies, check out Synthia's latest blog. We've got everything from glasses and tables to accessories and more. Oh, we do take donations of any of the items mentioned. Thanks in advance! (We're kidding…kind of…but the items are pretty nifty and you should check them out.) If you find, make, or know of any other awesome Geeky Gimmies, feel free to send me a message.

Making Mischief

Here are a few funny images and videos.
- In the Zone: VG Cats
- Robotic rings turn your fingers into a face
- Real Life Simpsons
- The Emo Kid, Troll, and Hacker in All of Us
- Jedi Grandma
- Nintendo's Attempt at making a viral video.

Socially Weird, Terrific, or Frightening

First up, Jessica Nigri gets asked to leave PAX for exposing too much skin. Fun fact: the PAX community is apparently fairly anti-booth babe. In this recent PAX experience, Jessica Nigri (a big hit among cosplayers) showed up as Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw wearing a pink jumpsuit zipped down far below her belly button, she was asked to leave after receiving a "number of complaints." What do you guys think: Are booth babes at risk of going extinct? Speaking of things going extinct, your privacy! Just take a look at some of the 10 creepiest apps for phones, Facebook, and more We found this interesting albeit terrifying piece about apps for creepers, and not the cute and cuddly minecraft ones. Not even tinfoil hats will save you from some of these bad boys. For example Recognizr: this little gem lets you point your smartphone camera at somebody's face, after which their contact info and social network updates pop up. Fun huh? Last but not least, here's this awesome fan-made Mega Man X Movie. It cost $700, two green screens, and some pro-bono actors. It's amazing what hard work and passion can do for an indie movie.

Feeling Crafty

TheRealDuckie and a couple of his friends have started working on a functional replica of Walt Disney World in Minecraft. He frequently posts his updates on Reddit, and currently there are rideable rides, working restaurants, and other park features. Take that, Kinect Disneyland Adventures! Another heart-warming tale of a crafty kid, some cardboard, and a dream in "Caine's Arcade."

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