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This week we share tech news, gaming bulletins, geekie gimmies, make a bit of mischife, and of course free games and hot Borderlands 2 cosplay.

Tech Briefing

A few interesting little pieces of tech news for this weeks social share, will start off with a quick peek that will make Android users gloat for a bit, apparently there have been reports that the new iOS 6 upgrade also includes nifty little features like draining battery life and overheating, networkworld has the full story. Next up, social networks MySpace and Twitter seem to be going through a bit of a reboot in the pursuit of better user experience and engagement. While we’re on the subject of sharing personal information, lets check in on the federal government shall we? Apparently there have been quite a few stories to generate buzz in regards to the hackability of digital lifestyles, including Feds snooping in on networks without warrants, and security flaws that are letting hackers steal twitter accounts. Finally, it would appear that many corporations not affiliated with gaming are trying to get in on the culture, Starbucks and L'Oréal for example have in recent reports expressed interest. Is the constant attempt at integrating non-traditional gaming brands to the community getting exacerbating, leave your comments below?

Gaming Bulletin

Includification, this is a movement that has been in the works for some time to help bring video games to players with various disabilities, arstechnica did an interesting article explaining what Includification is and why it’s important. In other gaming news it would seem that the team responsible for Terraria will be bringing their game to PSN and XBL in the future, which is exciting for those of us who enjoyed the Minecraft inspired sandbox game. Incidentally moving games from one traditional platform to another is quickly becoming a thing in the gaming community, according to massivelys recent article, mobile devices could be responsible for breathing new life into older MMO’s. And while on the subject of moving from traditional to less than, Steam announced recently that they would begin selling “non-gaming" content. Some of the items available on this section of the steam store include ArtRage Studio Pro, CameraBag 2, GameMaker: Studio, 3D-Coat, 3DMark Vantage, and 3DMark 11.


One of our favorite sections of the social share is to show off some crazy stuff around the internets, Check out these amazing links full of wonder!
- Ostrich pillow
- Mario’s beard
- Mario Cosplaying
- Mario Campbell inspired soup
- Why your phone’s back button should die
- Vest shows you are liked on Facebook
- Instagram i love you
- Star Wars Flowchart
- Humanized Yoda Pic
- Real life anime girl
- If Chell had a dating profile
- Booth babes speak out on nerd perspiration


This week we’re checking out some nifty Portal themed Geeky Gimmies (no cake is not on the list).
- Portal 2 Space Sphere Plush Keychain
- Portal 2 Companion Cube Plush Keychain
- Portal 2 Warning Sign Coasters
- Portal 2 Companion Cube Inspired Heart Silver Cube Pendant Necklace
- Chell Portal Inspired Cosplay Apron Pinafore
- Portal 2 Long Fall Socks

Free To Play!

We have a bunch of iOS games this week, starting off we have Panda Loo, the goal of this game is to help this adorable panda navigate the office space in hopes of finding his way to the potty. Next we have a defense style game titled Goal Defense, then we have Tiny Troopers which is categorized as a “strategy critical thinking" game, for this week only you can get it for FREE.. And finally we have Adventure Bar Story, its a little bit Final Fantasy Tactics and a little bit Harvest Moon rolled up into one. But for those of you who don’t have an iPhone we have the 100 greatest Nintendo 8-bit (NES) games for you to play directly from your browser.


- Cut-Paper Silhouette Action Scenes
- Are you an internet addict?
- The 'Electri-City' Tables by Ben Yates
- Characters then and now, Wreck It Ralph film
- Angry Birds spin-off Bad Piggies
- Morrowind overhaul mod released


With Borderlands 2 still being all the rage we figured we take a quick peek at this amazing Mad Moxxie cosplay. if you check her profile she also has a variety of amazing cosplay! Oh my.


Tears of Steel is an amazing 12 minute short film created by using the open source 3D content creation suite Blender.

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