Social Share: Sultry Wario, 8-Bit Art Throwback, and More Early Access Previews!

For today's GameSpot blog, we highlight what our GameSpot staff is talking about on Twitter.

For this week's Social Share, we focus on what the GameSpot crew is talking about. Oh wait, we do that every Thursday... D'OH!

Peter Brown - @PCBrown

Retro gaming fan Peter Brown seemed to be a fan of the 16-bit style that Square Enix used to show off its story recap for Final Fantasy XIII. However, his feelings for the "remastered" graphics of Final Fantasy VI are still clearly mixed.

Shaun McInnis - @smcinnis

We all need a little inspiration from time to time. Some of us look to music to help us be more productive, while others might look at a motivational poster. Shaun has a slightly different method of getting into gear.

Kevin VanOrd - @fiddlecub

Let's face it, the games that come out for Naruto and Dragonball Z aren't always in the perfect 10 range. But one thing is for certain: when reviews for these games hit GameSpot, there are usually some pretty interesting reactions from the fans.

Jess McDonell - @JessMcDonell

Jess might not be one of the reviewers here on GameSpot, but she certainly has a strong opinion about Broken Age.

Maxwell McGee - @MaxwellMcGee

This week we had a few Early Access games to review, and among them was Dungeon of the Endless. Here's what Maxwell had to say about it.

Throwback Thursday Post

For GDC 2012, we welcomed all of the conference attendees in a different fashion. The GameSpot team worked for over four hours to bring this video-game-inspired 8-bit welcome sign to life. 6,216 post-its were used, and yes, we recycled! [Instagram] [YouTube]

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So when it really comes down to it, this is me making a comment on this page.



You might want to realize that the person that mentioned "preview, not review" is one of those who are arguing semantics over the use of the phrase "review" in your colleagues' opinions about games on Steam's Early Access program.