Social Share: Safe and Secure

Social Share: Find ways to keep secure and ways to cause some mischief.

Find out how to keep your account secure and some mischief in the return of Social Share.

Social Media & Security Alert

- Study: Facebook Fatique
- The basics on malware
- Android Malware Eavesdrops on your PC.
- Hackers and civil liberties
- Ebooks on a Pay-As-You-Read Basis
- Vinepeek aggregates Twitter Vine updates
- Twitter brings on a double padlock

Making Mischief

- Mario Kart with RFID Bananas
- Stained glass Master Chief helmet
- Plant sends you a text message to water it
- Minecraft Creeper hoodie
- Real Life Lego Hotel
- If Walking Dead was an 80s Sitcom…

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i love the walking dead 80's sitcom intro. i think i will add that to my video game advice site

And i must say, walking dead game was a very big nice surprise.