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No Caption Provided Happy 40th Birthday Atari! 40 years ago Nolan Bushnesll and Ted Dabney created an icon. The Atari was “born" in Santa Clara, California and as part of their birthday party goodie bag, they’re making available Atari’s Greatest Hits . So Happy Birthday Atari from the GameSpot Community, thanks for helping in getting us addicted to this life we call game. Back to this week in gamer news, there were a few interesting things shown off in their proper corners of the internet, for example Googles tablet the Nexus 7 which apparently struck a chord with some, while leaving others yawning due to a lack of iTunes sync or any real exclusives program. Although not all was calm on the teckie front, the original Galaxy Tab has been banned over iPad similarities. The court has issued a preliminary opinion stating that the samsung tablet is “virtually indistinguishable" from its iPad friend. And the court has banned samsung from importing the Galaxy Tab into the us or selling it within the country. You can read more on this here on

Geeky Gimmies

No Caption Provided So while wearing things like this SOMA-1 Wearcom pullover is perhaps only two coolness points above a fanny pack, it’s still a pretty neat concept. This awesome Steampunk Boba Fet Viking Brons Skyrim Helm… Okay so there is too much of a good thing when it comes to mashups but it still looks neat. We also have this Mass Effect Inspired Nerf Maverick which is nothing short of awesome. On a side note, Final Fantasy VII may be returning to PC soon! Okay so this is more of a rumor than anything, but if its true, then it’s for sure a Geeky Gimmy.

Socially Weird, Terrific, or Frightening

No Caption Provided Well we know most of you are saying “told you so" with the recent reveal of Facebooks new email address update debacle that happened this week. For those of you who aren’t aware, when you create a facebook account, you get a facebook email address ( and recently they swapped whatever email address you originally had with “your" facebook email address. Is this some deep nasty plot for total dominance over the communicating world? Or just a simple “feature". For something a little less creepy and infinitely more cool, we saw that apparently many teachers, testers and educators are tapping into new teaching methods by using Portal 2 in classrooms, bet you wish you had this when you were in grade school. To continue our chain of awesome people doing awesome things, it appears that Prada is finally branching out to their more, eccentric fan base by providing a line of Menswear with a Steampunk twist to it this Fall / Winter collection for 2012. Though I feel that I speak for female readers when we say “Where’s our steampunk Prada?"

Making Mischief

No Caption Provided Bowsers Weekend with the Kids
Zombie at the Gates
Pro Gaming Tips
Star Wars Family Car Decals
DeadPool: A typical Tuesday Video

Bonus Item

A “I’m in Love with Halo" parody video, pretty catchy in an evil pop music sort of way.

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