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This week we're sharing Anonymous getting ruffled, Indie Bundles for buying, Free to Play games, killer Hutch Bunny Babes, and of course Geekie Gimmies!

Tech Briefing

A few pieces of note this week, all be them a little on the scary side of things. First up Anonymous declared war on WikiLeaks this week in retaliation for "paywall", claiming that they have been faulted by the popular site. Claiming that the paywall dishonors and insults Anonymous and that by doing this they are now "prostituting" the data that they have provided for the site. Next up, we'll talk a bit about LulzSec hacker "Neuron", earlier this week he pleaded guilty to Sony Pictures security breach claims. Raynaldo Rivera admitted to flooding Sony's website with commands to exploit the security weaknesses, resulting in an SQL-injection attack, full story can be seen here. In other news, SOPA Returns… well, sort of. A new ransomeware virus has been spotting the past few weeks, locking people computers and accusing them of distributing copyright infringing files. The script then tells the user that they can get their data back after making a payment of 200$, claiming "WARNING!!!: If you don't pay the fine within 72 hours at the amount of 200$ USD all your computer data will be erased". - a likely story…

Gaming Bulletin

The Indie Royale Fall Bundle is now available for a limited time. As a part of the bundle (which includes hit games "To the Moon", "Oil Rush" and "Blackwell Deception") there is an additional incentive to pay over 8$ to obtain the digital download 88:88 by Makeup and Vanity Set. In other gaming news, for those of you who are still deeply addicted to Borderlands 2, Googleplay is happy to help its fellow Vault Hunter by offering up this nifty little skill calculator for those who might want a little bit of a helping hand. And speaking of helping hands, Android will be releasing a game controller later this October across the US dubbed "Moga".


Always a little funny, time to make some mischief!
- Skyrim Afterlife
- Is the iPad making men effeminate?
- Master Chef
- When Gordon met Chell
- Eurogamer 2012 Cosplay Music Video


Okay, so not every cross over can make the most sense, but who doesn't like a little Bunny Hutch action? These two comic bunnies are posing as Thor and Loki at Dragon*Con 2012. Warning: Jokes involving "Asgard" will result in extreme eye rolling.


- Best gaming chair EVER!
- A Game of Thrones
- Game of Muppets
- Greyjoy Notebook
- House Sigils
- Game of Thrones Decal

Free To Play!

This week we check out Wake Up Call, a short little puzzle player title by MZIOne. The story takes place inside the mind of a comatose man and as you try to wake up you can see your mind attempting to reconstruct various memories.
We also have here, a few free to play games for iOS devices:
- Kick the Buddy: Trick or Kick
- Haypi Dragon
- EpicHearts


- Aesthetics of Play
- Dishonored: Too Many Herrings
- When it comes to bacon: Be prepared
- 10 reasons why the desktop PC will live forever
- Wiz dish lets you walk through your games
- Video game cookies from pixels to pastries
- Kickstarter UK launches this month


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The Skyrim afterlife made me cry about the dragon :/


Wake Up Call sounds like an interesting game.