Social Share: Express Edition

This week's social report takes on minecraft goodies, Halo wedding, cosplay, free to play games on the go, and more.

Tech & Briefing

- Getting rid of email at the workplace
- Mobile smuggling is more popular than ever
- Dangerous Minds on Facebook's "bait and switch" for publishers
- Facebook and Twitter apps with the latest Xbox 360 dashboard?
- Game Devs say iPad Mini is good for gaming
- ESRB simplifies ratings process for downloadable games

Gaming Tidbits

- Nintendo reveals baffling solution for Wii U's in-game chat
- US judge dismisses majority of PSN class-action lawsuit
- Don't install Doom 3 BFG on Xbox 360
- Resident Evil 6 Gets a patch thanks to the critics and players
- GOG’s Two Cents On Retro Mania, DRM’s Demise

Free Play

- Continent of the Ninth Seal
- Erie
- Pixel Crate Box
- Nuign Specter

Geeky Gimmies

- Portal Companion Cube Engagement Ring
- Pikachuanatomy Shirt
- Custom Painted Mario Shoes
- Zelda Rupee Jewelry
- Portal Ice Cube Trays

That's Hot

Dragon Age 2 Cosplay

Link Lotto

- Minecraft Vengeance
- Batman Dark Knight Chest Hair
- Tasty Tardis
- Beef and Bacon Triforce
- Pink Peach Cupcakes
- Halo Wedding
- Maddness and GameStop God of War DLC


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The Zelda jewelery looks cute and the Halo wedding looks like a killer wedding idea :P