Sky Odyssey Buzzes to North American Shores

Activision's PlayStation 2 flight-adventure game arrives at retailers.


Sky Odyssey

Activision has announced the release of Sky Odyssey, one of its first titles for the PS2. Players can soar with the eagles and earn their wings in over 40 missions that feature different environments and weather conditions. The ultimate goal is to piece together an ancient map that will guide them toward the game's final hidden location.

"Sky Odyssey thrills gamers with white-knuckle action from maneuvering through dangerous caverns to challenging rescues, putting their piloting skills to the ultimate test in the first flying game for the PlayStation 2," stated Larry Goldberg, executive vice president, Activision Worldwide Studios. "The title also demonstrates the new platform's impressive graphical capabilities with ultrarealistic weather effects - like rain, snow, and fog - and virtually endless horizons."

The game features ten different aircraft, including the Swordfish Mark I biplane, the stealth fighter, and the F4U Corsair. All the aircraft can be upgraded and customized as the player advances. In addition, players can choose from several different modes, including the adventure, free flight, sky canvas, target, and training modes.

The game retails for US$49.99.

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