Site offers peek at Xbox 360 dashboard themes lets Xbox 360 owners preview themes before buying them from Xbox Live Marketplace.


While Xbox Live Marketplace has garnered generally positive reviews, there are a few things about the online store that don't exactly mesh with gamers. One such thing is the inability to see what several gamerpics or dashboard themes look like before buying. For several items, gamers will plunk down Marketplace points to customize their Xbox 360s with little to go on other than a brief description of the item., a fan site not affiliated with Microsoft, is changing all that, with pictures and info on all dashboard themes currently on XBL. Visitors to the site can check out what the theme looks like on all the dashboards "blades" as well as vote on which ones they do and don't like. Currently, the highest rated theme is based on the recent Halo 3 TV ad, followed by themes based on Viva Piñata and Call of Duty 3.

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