Silent Hill due for the silver screen

Konami's dark series of horror games inspire Davis Films to sign on as producer.

An increasing number of game franchises have been slated for motion picture treatment, most recently Majesco's BloodRayne. Now it's Konami's turn. Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo's Silent Hill series is headed to Hollywood, it was announced. The movie's production will be in the hands of Davis Films.

Attached to the project is producer Samuel Hadida, whose credits include True Romance, Spider, and Brotherhood of the Wolf, the latter of which was directed by Christophe Gans. Konami confirmed that Gans would be the director. Gans' other credits include H.P. Lovecraft's Necronomicon: Book of the Dead and the Japanese anime Crying Freeman.

Konami will be working closely with Davis Films on the film's script, creature and character design, and soundtrack. Konami did not provide details on the cast, filming location, or schedule and did not indicate whether the film would adapt specific episodes in the series or follow an original storyline set in the Silent Hill universe.

The Silent Hill series has sold more than four million copies worldwide on several platforms. Konami says that it is pursuing film production deals for its other franchises, but it did not detail which series. Other highly visible Konami series include Metal Gear Solid, Contra, and Castlevania. (PC/PS2/XBOX)

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