Silent Hill 3 coming to the PC

Konami will release an enhanced version of its survival horror game on the PC this fall.

Konami of America has announced that the newest game in the popular Silent Hill survival horror series will be coming to the PC shortly after its initial release on the PlayStation 2. Silent Hill 3 focuses on a new female character, Heather, who suddenly finds her world transformed and is surrounded by monstrous creatures. Armed with whatever she can find--from pistols and a submachine gun to a steel pipe--Heather must fend off the creatures and figure out why she's trapped in this hellish world.

The PC version of the game is being produced internally at Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo, and the series' producer, Akira Yamaoka, is said to be working closely with the PC team to make sure that the PC version will take full advantage of the power of current PC hardware. The PC game will have higher-resolution graphics and will also allow players to save the game at any time, rather than only at save points.

Silent Hill 3 is scheduled for release on the PS2 in August and on the PC in October.

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They ought to make a fifth game.