Shoot to Kill: Colombian Crackdown announced

Codemasters' first-person shooter will let players assume the role of DEA officers and take on the Colombian drug lords.

Codemasters has announced Shoot to Kill: Colombian Crackdown, its upcoming first-person shooter based on the war on drugs. Players will assume the role of a Drug Enforcement Agency officer, and they will participate in a series of missions intended to uncover the gangs and individuals behind the Colombian drug trade and bring them to justice.

"Message boards are full of criticism for overhyped first-person shooters that simply don't take the genre any further," said Gavin Raeburn, head of Codemasters' Juice Studio, the UK-based developer of the game. "We intend to totally reinvent the clichéd first-person shooter and move it forward to deliver a fresh gameplay experience that shows gamers what they've been missing for years. We're looking to bring a new aspect to the genre through the use of revolutionary AI and physics systems."

Shoot to Kill: Colombian Crackdown is being developed for the PC and the latest console systems. No official release date for the game has been announced. We'll post more information as it becomes available.

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