Shogun Patch Released

Shogun: Total War patch version 1.11 addresses minor bugs, improves game balance, and adds improvements.

Creative Assembly and Electronic Arts have released an extensive new patch for the Japanese-themed real-time strategy game Shogun: Total War. Patch version 1.11 fixes a few minor bugs, makes significant improvements to game balance, and adds a long list of other improvements. Some of the game balancing issues addressed by the patch include making the geisha more expensive and time-consuming to build, improving the AI so that it fights harder to take desirable positions, and increasing the castle defense to make retreating into a castle a viable strategic alternative.

You can download the 4.3MB patch from GameSpot or 3DFiles. Complete details are listed in the text file included with the download.

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How do I download the patch for Shogun Total War? I cannot find the patch on your website. Norm Bikoff