Shadows of the Damned, Red Faction: Armageddon confirmed for MCM Expo

EA confirms Shadows of the Damned will be exclusively playable at the GameSpot UK booth; THQ to demo new Red Faction on stage on Friday and Saturday.

As you should hopefully be aware by now, GameSpot UK is the exclusive gaming partner of the MCM Expo this year. Last week, we confirmed that Capcom and Namco Bandai would be gracing the stage during the three-day event at the end of May, and now EA and THQ are the latest megapublishers to jump on board.

Come and play the bonkers Shadows of the Damned, only at the GameSpot UK booth.

First up, EA has confirmed that its upcoming survival horror game will be playable exclusively at the GameSpot UK booth on the show floor. The new game, from Resident Evil's Shinji Mikami and Killer 7's Suda 51, is as mad as a bag of hammers and well worth checking out. Be sure to check out our exclusive new preview of the game's first two chapters to see what you're letting yourself in for!

THQ, meanwhile, has announced that Red Faction: Armageddon will appear on the GameSpot UK stage show on both Friday May 27 and Saturday May 28. The live demos will allow you to see the game, as well as hear from developer Volition ahead of the its launch in June. Also, at the end of the Saturday, we'll close our show with a Red Faction destruction challenge where you can win loads of cool prizes.

Red Faction: Armageddon will be electrifying the GameSpot UK stage on both Friday and Saturday.

The MCM Expo opens its doors on May 27-29 and will host a plethora of anime, manga, sci-fi, cosplay and video games. The GameSpot UK crew will be in attendance with its booth and stage show, where we'll also be hosting the first-ever live GameSpot UK podcast. Find out more by visiting our MCM hub.

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