Shadowbane enters phase two beta test

Wolfpack Studios announces the beginning of the second phase of testing for its upcoming online role-playing game.

Wolfpack Studios has announced that its upcoming massively multiplayer role-playing game Shadowbane has entered the second phase of beta testing. During the second phase of testing, the developers will add new environments and monsters while refining existing portions of the game. In addition, more than 100 new skills will be added to let players further customize their characters. The game's phase one beta test, which focused on character creation and core game mechanics, ended on April 13, 2001.

Shadowbane combines traditional fantasy role-playing with elements of real-time strategy. The game will also feature seamless worlds without load times and will let players travel between servers. To learn more, take a look at our 2763716E3 2001 report on the game. Shadowbane is in development for both the PC and the Macintosh platform, and it is expected to be released later this year. No North American publisher for the game has been announced.

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