SegNet Tops 100,000

The membership count for Sega's ISP and network gaming service has topped the 100,000 mark.

Sega announced today that SegaNet, its high-speed online gaming network and ISP service, has reached the 100,000 customers mark. Since its simultaneous release with NFL 2K1 on September 7, users have been spending an average of two hours per day using the service.

"This incredible response lends credence to what we have always known - that gamers are ready for the future, and the future is online," said Brad Huang, president and CEO, "Initial numbers such as these prove the potential of the online community. Given this tremendous support, we will continue to provide gamers with the best content available online."

SegaNet utilizes a 56K modem that comes packed-in with Sega's Dreamcast to allow online head-to-head gameplay. Both the soon to be released NBA 2K1 and the currently available Quake III Arena come with online play capabilities.

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