Sega's Outtriggers in Motion

Over the weekend we got our hands on one of the greatest multiplayer games ever crafted. Check out first footage of Sega's new NAOMI title.

The intensity of multiplayer action just adds so much to a game-playing experience. It's real combat against real people - not Johnny Artificial Intelligence just hopping around returning fire at you. Recent games like Quake on the PC have completely opened up the world of multiplayer first-person shooters (FPS), and as a result, have harbored a new generation of gaming. You can completely immerse yourself in the game environment - you need to think quickly, move even more quickly, and have your finger on the trigger at all times. Sega, having realized just how great a gaming experience the multiplayer shooter can be, has decided to offer up its first foray into the genre: Outtriggers. In the process, not only has Sega managed to capture all the intensity of a Quake-type title in an arcade environment, but it has put together what will arguably be one of the finest multiplayer FPS shooters yet.

Over the weekend we were able to give a test version of Outtriggers a play through and really got a feel for what Sega is attempting to provide with the title. The action takes place in small arenas, and it's a bit simpler than the standard PC FPS - it's more geared for quicker and easier play for the arcade goer. For example, the health boosts you pick up in the game are all just small first aid kits lying around the levels, not different varieties of health or other power-ups as seen in titles like Quake. Also, once you get a weapon in Outtriggers, you hold on to it for the rest of the match, even if you die. The matches are all three-minutes long, and basically in that time it's up to you to get as many frags as possible.

We weren't exactly sure how complete the game was, but for the most part everything was in place. Only certain menu screens and other miniscule effects needed to be added in. Most likely the game will be on display at the upcoming JAMMA show in Japan next month, so we may return with more details then. For now, though, enjoy the first-ever video we took of Outtriggers in motion. It'll give you a great indication of what to expect from the title.

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