Sega's First Dreamcast Title Revealed

After months of waiting, the first official DC screens from Sega are unveiled.


It's been months of waiting, but finally... it's here. Sega Enterprises has released screenshots of its first Dreamcast title. It's not Virtua Fighter 3, it's not Super GT, and it's not even The Lost World. Instead, it's an original Dreamcast title, tentatively called Godzilla.

This isn't the VMS Godzilla title that you're probably thinking of, although that will be used in conjunction with this Dreamcast game. Set for release by the end of this year, Godzilla for the Dreamcast will be an action title, where (as Godzilla) you'll battle the monsters of the Godzilla series and destroy various famous locales all around Japan (like Osaka, for instance) in full polygon glory. There will also be several monsters and mechs available in the game.

In other Godzilla news, the Roland Emmerich/Dean Devlin version of Godzilla opened in Japan Saturday at 385 theaters throughout Japan. According to Toho, 350,000 people saw the movie on its opening day, breaking the record set previously by The Lost World. Wonder if the movie will bomb in Japan like it bombed in the US.

We'll keep you updated on this title as more information becomes available. Until then, check out these screens from Sega Enterprises' web site.