Sega's DC Football Game

The curtain lifts on Sega of America's first US Dreamcast title.

Last November, when GameSpot News covered Sega's Gamer's Day, there were a few games we couldn't tell you about. Now, we can tell you about one you haven't heard of - Sega's Dreamcast Football game (a final title hasn't been announced yet). Developed by Visual Concepts, this title marks the renewal of Sega's Sega Sports lineup, and is only the beginning.

Scheduled as a launch title and developed in cooperation with sports game developer Visual Concepts, the Dreamcast Football title has an unprecedented amount of detail. So much detail that you can see individual people in the crowd and on the sidelines. Not only that, players' animation and moves are extremely detailed, along with a physics engine that mimics how players would act in the real world. Online options will also be part of the package.

Check out these screenshots and we'll have more as it develops.

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