Sega soccer sim to kick around Xbox 360

Football Manager 2006 set to take the pitch overseas in spring 2006.

Sega Europe and Sports Interactive today announced the Xbox 360 debut of their well-received soccer management series. Scheduled for release in Europe next spring, Football Manager 2006 will feature hundreds of divisions across 50 countries, not to mention 250,000 players and staff.

"Finally a home console system is being released that can do Football Manager justice", said Miles Jacobson, managing director of Sports Interactive, no doubt referring to the Xbox 360's high-definition graphic capabilities, which should make for some dynamite-looking player rosters and spreadsheets.

Beyond its soccer series of management sims, Sports Interactive has also enjoyed success with its recent NHL Eastside Hockey Manager sim. A PC and Mac version of Football Manager 2006 is slated for release in early November, with a PSP edition hitting shelves about the same time as the Xbox 360 edition.

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