Sega recruiting light-gun game testers

Publisher's AM2 division is looking for part-time workers to try out an unannounced shooter.


TOKYO--The official Sega-AM2 Web site has posted a listing for part-time play-testers for an unannounced light-gun game. According to the listing, the job will start with a month-long trial period, which indicates that the game is probably still in development and it will most likely not be undergoing a final debug before release.

Sega-AM2's listing raises a number of possibilities for a new light-gun game. The studio is well-known for its Virtua Cop series, and it has been over a year since Virtua Cop 3 was released in the arcades. While there is always the possibility that the game in development is a new title, it is more likely that the new project is either a home console port of Virtua Cop 3, or a new Virtua Cop for arcades.

House of the Dead fans should note that the chances are slim that the game is a HOD sequel, since the series is a release from another Sega studio called Sega Wow.