Sega Rally 2 Ships

Dreamcast's down-and-dirty off-road racer heads to retail shelves today.


At long last, Sega has announced that it has released its off-road racer, Sega Rally 2, for the Dreamcast. The first version of the game appeared on the now-defunct Sega Saturn, and with the Dreamcast's power, the new version sports high-end 3D graphics, more action, and detailed gameplay.

Features for the game include 19 car types, eleven of which are Sega exclusives, including the Fiat 131 Abarth and the Peugeot 206. Each of the cars has its own distinct control and driving feel, and you can select automatic or manual five-speed transmissions. Hard-core drivers will be able to tweak their racer's handling and suspension. The 16 tracks included with the game run the gamut of terrain types from desert to mountain to muddy conditions.

For players looking to blow off hours of their lives, the game also offers a ten-year championship mode. Players must race yearly and complete final courses in order to stay in the running. For those looking for a little head-to-head competition, the game also features a two-player side-by-side split-screen mode, a standard arcade mode, and a time-trial mode.

As reported by GameSpot News, this version of Rally 2 does not support Internet play, Sega is expected to release an Internet-ready version of Rally 2 later next year.

Sega Rally 2 for the Sega Dreamcast is available at nationwide retailers for US$49.95.


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