Secret Code - Conception: Please Give Birth to My Child, Awesomenauts

On this week's show we shoot a bunch of dinosaurs, have sex with a Japanese teenager, find life on Mars, and save the universe with a Russian monkey wearing a jetpack.


Conception: Please Have My Children!
Waking Mars

If you fancy giving any of the games on this week’s show a go, use the links below and be sure to share your thoughts on them in the comments. Or shoot me an email or a twitter thing to @dannyodwyer.

Download this week's games:

Waking Mars (iOS)
Buy it on iTunes.
Learn more about Tiger Style.

And Yet It Moves (PC / Mac / Wii)
Buy it on Steam.
Buy it on WiiWare.
Learn More about Broken Rules.
Follow @Chasing_Aurora.

Orion: Dino Beatdown
Buy it on Steam.

Buy it on Xbox Live Marketplace.
Buy it on PlayStation 3 through the PlayStation Store on your console.

Conception: Please Give Birth to My Child!
Download the demo here.

You can watch or download the site version of this episode right here.

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