SCi publishing Rogue Trooper in 2005

SCi reveals that it will publish Rebellion's 2000 AD-inspired action game during its next financial year.

In a recent interim financial report, SCi has announced that it will be publishing Rogue Trooper during its 2005 financial year. Currently in development at UK-based Rebellion, which owns the 2000 AD comic from which the character is taken, Rogue Trooper has yet to be formally announced, but it was mentioned briefly by Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley when he commented on the company's deal with DC Comics earlier this year.

After speaking to a Rebellion representative, we were unfortunately unable to find out very much about the game, save for the fact that it will be 100 percent faithful to the Rogue Trooper character and will be very different from Rebellion's first 2000 AD-inspired title, Judge Dredd: Dredd Versus Death. We'll bring you more information, including confirmation of which platforms the game is in development for, as soon as it becomes available.

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