SCi Games announces Midway

SCi Games plans to release a World War II-inspired tactical multiplayer game for PC, PS2, and Xbox in 2005. First screens inside.

SCi Games has recently announced that it plans to release Midway (working title) in Europe in 2005. Described as a "tactical multiplayer game of extraordinary proportions," the game will allow players to re-create the massive Japanese-American naval and aerial battles that dominated the Pacific during World War II.

Combining strategy and action gameplay, Midway will allow players to assume direct control of any of the units under their control--including battleships, aircraft carriers, submarines, planes, and the like. Switching between units will purportedly be quick and easy, although it's not yet clear how the feature will be implemented.

In addition to online play for up to 16 players, Midway will feature single-player campaigns for both the American and Japanese forces, and a number of "career missions" that focus on the control of specific unit types. We'll bring you more information on Midway as soon as it becomes available.

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