School for modders, courtesy of Epic Games

North Carolina State first stop on the Unreal University modding tour.

Save the dates November 8 and 9, as students can get a few extra credits for playing video games on those days.

The Unreal University workshop (which will cost participants $25) is devoted to teaching students how to create mods using tools from the original Unreal game engine. The workshop is open to all students interested in developing their own content using the Unreal technology and is sponsored by Epic Games, NC State's Center for Digital Entertainment, Nvidia, AMD, Alias, and Atari.

The Center for Digital Entertainment at NC State focuses on the scientific, engineering, social, and educational challenges of digital entertainment. NC State faculty from a number of its colleges collaborate on research and educational initiatives that address new modes of entertainment and interaction in digital media.

And they play a lot of Unreal.

The center's Web site has additional information.

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