SCEA ships EyeToy: Groove

SCEA announces the release of its second EyeToy-enabled game, which lets gamers dance along to their favorite pop music.

With sales of the EyeToy having reached 3.5 million units, Sony has released a second game for the wildly successful digital camera accessory EyeToy: Groove. "As Sony Computer Entertainment America is dedicated to expanding the PlayStation 2 life cycle through the introduction of innovative products, we are pleased to announce the second title in the EyeToy family so soon after the highly successful EyeToy: Play launch," said Ami Blaire, SCEA's director of product marketing.

A rhythm game based on the same formula that has made Dance Dance Revolution an international sensation, EyeToy: Groove lets players dance along to any of 28 licensed songs from such artists as Madonna, Elvis Presley, Jessica Simpson, the Village People, and Fatboy Slim. Unlike with Dance Dance Revolution, however, gamers need not confine themselves to standing on a controller mat. Freedom of movement is only restricted by the range of the EyeToy camera.

The standard single-player and battle sync modes offered by EyeToy: Groove will be instantly familiar to fans of Dance Dance Revolution--players will attempt to perform certain moves in time to the music and are scored on their rhythm, accuracy, and reaction time. Other multiplayer options include tournament mode, where players take turns dancing to a song and then have their scores compared, and team sync mode, where players are scored on their ability to synchronize their movements.

Other game modes include the chill-out room, where players can freestyle to the music, reacting to onscreen special effects. The dance-move-maker option allows gamers to choreograph their own moves, which are then recorded by the EyeToy. These steps can be used to replace the default move list in the single-player mode. EyeToy: Groove also allows gamers to review their performances on instant replay, record and view video messages, and create an exercise routine with a built-in calorie counter.

EyeToy: Groove carries a suggested retail price of $29.99 and will also be offered as a bundle package with the EyeToy USB camera for $49.99.

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