Savage announced

Game publisher iGames unveils its upcoming multiplayer action strategy game set in a primal fantasy world. New screenshots inside.

Game publisher iGames has announced Savage, its upcoming multiplayer action game. The game is set in a primal fantasy world, and it combines elements of first-person combat with real-time strategy. It is built on the Silverback game engine, and it supports up to 64 players in team-based battles. Players can choose to be a commander and oversee their side in a real-time strategy mode, or they can play as a warrior engaging in combat firsthand. As a commander, players will manage resources, research new technologies, and issue orders to units in battle.

We've posted some early images from the game in the gallery above. Savage is in development at S2 Games, and it is scheduled for release in early 2003. We'll post more information about the game as it becomes available.

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