San Andreas writer joins indie studio

Game-scenario scribe and screenwriter DJ Pooh joins Atlanta-based developer 404 Games.

When Rockstar Games finally lifted the iron curtain of secrecy surrounding Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, one of the many surprises revealed was that the game was cowritten by DJ Pooh. Although he got his start as a hip-hop producer, the Los Angeles-based Pooh is most famous for coauthoring the popular Friday films, which starred Ice Cube. Now, Pooh (real name Mark Jordan) is continuing his career in the game industry by taking a position as senior executive writer at 404 Gaming. According to a brief statement from the Atlanta-based startup developer, he "will be creating the many stories that will define the Hip-Hop Urban based MMO 404 Gaming is currently developing." The title and details of that game have not yet been disclosed.

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