Samurai Warriors: Xtreme Legends coming to US

Koei announces that the PS2-exclusive expansion will hit North American stores this November.

Koei announced that the Xtreme Legends version of its hack-and-slash action game Samurai Warriors will see a North American release. The stand-alone expansion will arrive on US store shelves in November, exclusively for the PlayStation 2.

The Japanese publisher previously announced the pseudo-sequel/expansion for Japan, and little, if anything, has changed for the North American release. Samurai Warriors: Xtreme Legends is similar to the Xtreme Legends versions of Koei's Dynasty Warriors games set in China. While it can be played without a copy of the original Samurai Warriors, only the new content, including new characters, weapons, missions, and fighting skills, will be accessible.

Samurai Warriors is set in 16th-century Japan, and it casts players as a samurai in the politically turbulent Sengoku, or "warring states," period. The Japanese version of Xtreme Legends will be released this September. GameSpot will provide more details on the game as they emerge, although Alex Navarro's review of the nonXtreme edition of Samurai Warriors is available now.

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