Ryse pushed to next-gen Xbox?

Former Crytek developer's resume suggests Kinect-centric sword game may not be released on current hardware.

Ryse, Crytek's first-person ancient Rome era brawler, was first announced at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo as an Xbox 360 Kinect title. However, a recent discovery has now put the actual target platform in question.

A Ryse inhabitant, clearly distraught at the prospect of moving to a new console. Or maybe it's the facial wound.

According to the LinkedIn resume of a former Crytek level designer, Ryse is in fact being developed for Microsoft's next-gen console. According to the developer's profile, she spent the first half of 2011 working as a senior level designer at Crytek in Budapest, Hungary, on a project listed as "Ryse (X-Box Next Gen)."

Another small detail buried in the resume is a line that reads, "Championed original game design for tablet title exclusive to Crytek and expanding the franchise to include new genre of video game." Crytek currently has no projects announced as heading to tablets or mobile platforms in general.

Crytek had not responded to a GameSpot request for comment as of press time. For more on Ryse, check out GameSpot's recent coverage.

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