Run Like Hell Character Feature: Part Four

Our look at the characters in Interplay's upcoming PS2 game continues

Part four of our feature on Interplay's upcoming survival-horror game, Run Like Hell for the PlayStation 2, focuses on Dag'rek, Forseti Station's security chief. Dag'rek is a member of the Jaxn'trep race, and his sense of honor and integrity make him an excellent choice to maintain the peace on the station. His job becomes much more challenging when aliens start tearing things up on the station.


Name: Dag'rek
Rank: Sergeant
Race: Jaxn'trep
Age: 35 (equivalent)
Height: 6'10"
Weight: 275 pounds
Birthplace: Born on the floating clan ship Keras'rek

Dag'rek was born on a floating clan ship called the Keras'rek. In Jaxn'trep society, each member is born into a clan. Each clan roams the galaxies in a massive ornate vehicle called a clan ship, which is the power base for that particular group.

Dag holds good memories of his days on the clan ship. He befriended the family elder, Teris'rek, which led to many adventures as the ship traveled slowly across the cosmos. During his youth, Dag was present at the peace conference of Beles VI, and he even met the Hegemony leader, President Lau.

The Hegemony conquered the Jaxn'trep race 50 years ago, and since then the have served in the Hegemony's armed forces, and today the Jaxn'trep even hold two seats on the Vaenir Council. The firstborn Jaxn'trep were sent off to the front lines to give their clan, and their very race, honor in battle.

Dag was firstborn of the 50th generation of the Rek Clan. This means that he holds the honor of the clan, just like every firstborn in the generations before him. So when he was old enough, Dag was sent off to the front lines of the Neh-Lok Human War.

During his time in the Hegemony military, Dag received many medals of honor, including the bronze star and a purple heart for an injury he had sustained in the historic Battle of Freyr, which ended the Neh-Lok war. To his people, he had become a hero, symbolizing all that was the true Jaxn'trep warrior.

After the war, Dag was sent to various locations throughout the galaxy, mostly to police small colonies and keep the peace in the Border Worlds. A few years ago he was sent to Nertha VII to help quell the Nitrogen Riots that had erupted there. During this operation, he was given an order by his human superior to shoot the hostile civilians. Not only did Dag disobey the order, but he punched the commander into unconsciousness.

For his disobedience, he prepared himself for his immediate court marshal, but both of the Jaxn'trep councilors on the Vaenir Council came to his defense, saying that the order to shoot civilians directly violated the honor code of their culture. The Jaxn'trep are very strict about warriors and battle. So to keep relations good with their alien allies, the Hegemony president himself pardoned Dag'rek, though he was demoted to sergeant.

After this event Dag'rek was sent to a little-known refining station on the outskirts of the Border Worlds. He is still currently at the Forseti Station, as acting security chief.

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