Run Like Hell Character Feature: Part Eight

We're looking at Niles this week, Forseti Station's brilliant alien engineer.

Meet Niles.

Name: Niles (real name unknown)
Job Description: Engineer
Race: Mnyanlys
Age: 45 (Human equivalent)
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 375 pounds
Birthplace: JeghnYu, system unknown

Niles is a member of the Mnyanlys species, an extraterrestrial race of docile, secretive herbivores. As their home world was exceptionally thin in regard to predators, the herd mentality that the Mnyanlys were born into never quite subsided. As such, members of the species seldom take on roles of authority and aren't generally forthcoming when it comes to the particulars of their culture.

Mnyanlys are a very technically capable species, known for their ability to backward-engineer any piece of technology they encounter. Due to their passive nature, however, they're not especially good at inventing their own. Given their propensity for all things technical, Mnyanlys are heavily employed by the Hegemony government and have staked fairly lucrative roles for themselves within the private sector.

With respect to Mnyanlys tradition, Niles took on a human name as soon as he entered human culture. One's true name, according to the Mnyanlys belief system, holds power over one's soul and should not be given out lightly. As a result, very little was known about Niles prior to his arrival at Forseti Station. All that intelligence sources have been able to gather is that he applied for an engineer position at Forseti five years prior.

Regardless, Niles proved to be very quick and handy on his initial tour of Forseti Station and mining facilities throughout the known galaxy.

At first, Niles' superiors sent him to various stations and mining structures all over the known galaxy. He gained a reputation as extremely handy and intelligent, even by Mnyanlys standards. He was eventually sent to the Forseti Station proper after three years of such touring to help with the renovations--the sudden find of merosteel in the neighboring asteroid belt made the station an especially important point in the corporation's strategy.

Niles, like Myanlys in general, is fairly shy and good-natured. He currently lives on the station with his son, Jessie, who's really taken to hanging out with human teenagers; however, Niles feels that they are a bad influence on him. Niles was also recently offered the position of head engineer, but, as his Myanlys nature dictated, he turned it down.

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