Rumble Racing Preview

EA's upcoming racing game seems to be a mixture of SF Rush and Twisted Metal.

EA recently announced the development of an arcade racer named Rumble Racing. Though we've only seen a handful of shots from the game, we're anxious to see it in motion.

EA bills Rumble Racing as an extreme arcade racing game. The gameplay should consist of high-flying car combat-style action--something similar to the gameplay of Twisted Metal or Vigilante 8, with more of an emphasis on racing. There will be more than 35 cars to choose from, including everything from sports cars and classic muscle cars to trucks, minivans, and futuristic jet cars. The cars will also come equipped with a variety of weapons. Though we haven't seen any of them in action, we've learned some of their names: twister, big hit, bad gas, shockwave, and more.

Rumble Racing's actual races will take place on 15 tracks. There are also, purportedly, three dedicated "stunt tracks" included in the selection, bringing to mind some possible San Francisco Rush-style gameplay. Players will be able to engage in four different play modes: a single race mode, two championship modes, a one-on-one race mode, and a stunt mode. According to EA, the championship mode will allow two players to go at it simultaneously, which is somewhat refreshing.

In terms of presentation, EA is going for a TV-style replay mode that places an emphasis on the in-race action. TV's Jess Harnell--of The Tick and Animaniacs fame--is also set to provide in-game commentary.

EA has been quick to point out the visual flourishes it's been focusing on. Smoke trails, throbbing engine blocks, sparks, and flame-engulfed tires have all been mentioned, leading one to expect a high level of graphical polish from the game, in terms of environmental effects. While we haven't seen anything in its final form, the images EA has released do show some promise.

Expect to see more of Rumble Racing in the near future. For now, tide yourself over with the screens the company has released. Rumble Racing is set for release this summer.

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