Riot Police en route to PC

Zono releases the first information on its upcoming action and strategy game in which players must attempt to quell riots. First screens inside.

California-based development studio Zono has recently released the first information on Riot Police for the PC. Scheduled for release later this year, through Activision Value, the action-packed strategy game will challenge players to quell 16 riots involving peace rallies, sporting events, and protests.

Players will have a number of different units at their disposal, including riot police, heavy riot police, mounted riot police, suppressors, enforcers, and tank-mounted water cannons. Weapons available to the player will include batons, rubber bullets, beanbag shotguns, and police walls.

Enemies in Riot Police will include looters, hooligans, protestors, deadly militants, and angry leaders. We'll bring you more information on Riot Police as soon as it becomes available.

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I Need a MOD or a TRAINER for this game!!! a Mod only for appear a police officer SHIFT+1 +2 + 3 +4 +5 +6 (The numbers are all the police officers (Mounted Police Supressors and etc)