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Following the path of SquareSoft's Front Mission series, Konami brings its mech strategy simulation title for the Sony PlayStation2.

Konami has delivered its own brand of strategy simulation games in the past, with titles like Vandal Hearts. Now, the company has a new PS2 title focused on mech combat called Ring of Red. The story takes place in an alternate future in which several factions in Japan refused to surrender to the Allies during World War II. The conflict resulted in a partitioning of the country. Tanks have been replaced on the battlefields by mechs called Armed Fighting Walkers (AFK). Your mission is to pilot these mechs in a fight against opposing factions.

Each mission starts out with the selection of AFWs and army groups. Three army groups can accompany one AFK. There are six army group classifications - infantry, heavy artillery, scouts, infiltration, supplies, and medic. From here, the game enters into the typical strategy simulation - you move your mechs and troops to different parts of the grid and issue commands. Similar to the Front Mission series, each pilot and army group has its own set of special skills that can be used during battle. Skills range from weapon skills, such as the use of flash grenades, chaffs, and land mines, to more specific battle skills, such as sniping and counterstrike.

Ring of Red is scheduled for a September release in Japan.

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