RF Online comes west

Popular Korean MMORPG features advanced graphics and large PvP battles; will launch in US and UK early next year.

The massively multiplayer online role-playing game RF Online (Rising Force Online) will be circling the world for release in the US and UK, Codemasters announced. The fantasy sci-fi game was developed by Seoul-based CCR and was launched in South Korea in August of 2004, before it spread to other East Asian markets. Codemasters is currently planning to launch the game for the PC in the beginning of 2006.

RF Online is set in the far-off galaxy of Novus, where three factions are in a galactic struggle for supremacy. Players can choose from the mystical Holy Alliance Cora, the technology-centered robots of the Accretia Empire, or the Bellato Union, which lets players take control of mech units. The game will focus on large-scale player-versus-player combat, with support for battles involving thousands of players.

Codemasters will be launching an official RF Online Web site soon. Stay tuned to GameSpot for our upcoming preview of the game.

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