Rez DC announced for European release

UGA's latest rhythm game will be translated into English for European Dreamcast owners.

Big Ben Interactive, a company that publishes and distributes Dreamcast games in the European market, announced at the 2001 installment of ECTS that it will be publishing Rez in Europe this fall.

The game is a music-and-rhythm-driven shooter. You start with a very simple-sounding track, but each enemy adds a different musical element to the beat when destroyed. In turn, the rhythms you create have an impact on the game's graphics. Throughout the game, you will collect items that let your character evolve from a human form up to pure energy. The object of the game is to break through various firewalls until you reach a sophisticated AI named Eden. The game will feature six levels and music from as-yet-unnamed "progressive music artists."

No US release for Rez Dreamcast is currently planned, and unfortunately, it seems likely that it will remain that way.

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