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Review in Progress: Killer Instinct

Combos were made to be broken.

Killer Instinct is back, and this past week I spent a lot of quality time with the game. However, at the time of this writing, Killer Instinct's online multiplayer is not yet up and running. This means I'm not ready to pass judgment on the game just yet, but I wanted to share with you my thoughts and impressions on what I've played so far.

Combat in a fighting game is a war on two fronts, and Killer Instinct's combat is no exception. There's the battle against other players, and the battle against yourself. Against other players, you dance around the battlefield, ducking in and out of striking range while searching for a crack in their armor. Blow-by-blow, Killer Instinct's muscle-bound roster conveys a satisfying sense of weight and force, while still feeling responsive to your commands. Whether through technique or sheer luck, when you finally find that crack and land a hit, that's when the battle against yourself begins.

Each successful hit raises the question, "Do I know, in this moment, the correct timing and sequence of button presses to combo into to deal the maximum amount of damage to my opponent?" This is especially true in a game such as Killer Instinct, where long, strategic combos are how you deal the most damage. Capitalizing on these moments is key to winning the fight, and if the opportunity passes by, you have no one to blame but yourself. This is why any seasoned fighting game player will tell you there's a big difference between losing a match and being beaten. One is your fault; the other is your opponent's.

What makes Killer Instinct interesting compared to most modern fighters is how it simplifies its combo system while adding on a layer of player-versus-player mind games. The game has some very long combos, but they're easier to execute than, say, a wall-carry tag combo in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 or Magneto's hyper grav loop in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. This is by design, since both players have something else to worry about during a combo besides timing button presses to 1/60th of a second: each other.

I wonder what hurts more: the boot or the lighting bolt?

Explaining Killer Instinct's combo system is more complicated than using it. In brief, a character's special moves can be easily linked together using normal punches and kicks to form long combo strings. It's a system that empowers new players by letting them rack up a double-digit combo, such as by inputting Jago's laser sword over and over.

However, if you want to get the most out of your combos, you have to know the system's nuances--such as which moves are combo enders. Ending a combo with a combo ender nets you more damage, more energy, or a chance to extend your combo further. So, while the all-Jago-laser-sword combo may look impressive, since it doesn't end with a combo ender, you don't get much in return.

In most fighting games, long combos are a one-way street. Getting caught in one means you just have to sit there and take it--or knock the controller out of your opponent's hands. Some games, such as the Guilty Gear series, let you interrupt combos, but doing so is a limited-use technique. Not so in Killer Instinct. The game's iconic c-c-c-combo breakers are a constant threat, and their inclusion helps keep both players feeling engaged with each other more often during a fight.

There are three different types of combo breakers the defender may attempt during a combo. These are light, medium, and heavy--the same as the game's three different attack strengths. If the defender successfully enters the combo breaker that's the same strength as the attack he or she is currently enjoying, then the combo is instantly broken. Breakers don't deal any damage, but they do put some space between the two players--essentially setting them back to square one. They also don't cost anything to use, so you're encouraged to attempt them. However, you cannot spam breakers freely, since inputting the wrong one triggers a lockout for a few seconds, during which your opponent may gleefully pummel you without concern.

Orchid's firecat attack takes a bite out of crime--and Jago.

The combo breaker, while powerful, is not a "get out of jail free" card that works 30 percent of the time. If you're laying down a combo and suspect a breaker is in your immediate future, you can attempt a counter breaker. As its name suggests, this technique overrides the combo breaker and lets you stay on the offensive. Unlike the combo breaker, however, the counter breaker is risky. It costs half of your total energy, and if used at the wrong time, it leaves you completely vulnerable to attack.

So far I've had a lot of fun exploring the nuances of Killer Instinct's combat system. Its simplified combos free me up to worry more about playing mind games with my opponent and less about running a manual dexterity challenge. Of course, I've still got a lot to learn as I prepare to take the fight online. Be on the lookout for the full review of Killer Instinct on the Xbox One later this week.

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Looks incredible to me so far. I used to play the hell out of the original and this is shaping up to look like a worthy update to the series. Praying it's ported to PC one day cause I'm not buying any next gen consoles anytime soon.


@Pierre-Luc Rancourt Uhm... No... you pay 20$ and you have all the characters, and can unlock all accessories except the ones from the Ultra Edition that also comes with an emulated version of the first Killer Instinct for 40$

But you can just pick up the 20$ version if you like what you see with your free Jago, and if you're suddenly interested in the Ultra Edition you'll get that at a favorable upgrade price from your 20$ Combobreaker Edition


So Max should we expect this tomorrow considering Forza will take center circle today?


Looks good - and I don't even play Street Fighter 2 type fighters. But I like the tutorial mode and the game looks fun as hell with friends over. Does Sony even have any 2 player games that don't require an internet? I'm not bashing online play - but sometimes friends come over and this type of gaming is needed.

I'm sold - getting an Xbox One!




Dammit, I want Killer Instinct...


Alright, I feel a little better about this game now. So where is my sequel to Jet Force Gemini?!<< LINK REMOVED >>


Oh so this demo game is fun? Thats good to hear.


i don't mind them releasing this game in parts at a time. as long as they release a KOMPLETE edition with everything in one package at the end--and release it for PC, too!



Thats why im waiting to sit this one out and puchase a complete addition i dont like to have to wait for additional content for three months.


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> there already is a complete edition and it's a full $60 for the full game. Only thing is, it can only be bought at the MS store. Look up Pin Ultimate Edition


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> You don't get more with the Pin edition that with the Ultra Edition, difference is that you get a psychical box that is gonna be used as a Pin holder, for pins you can earn in different unannounced ways. Wont get any "Complete Edition" out of buying that one, it's more of a collectors item, and he will still have to wait for the game to be "complete"

God I'm looking forward to playing this again :P


Aside from the small roster, everything I've seen of the game thus far suggests that they really nailed it. The basic fighting and combo systems are particularly well-done, the available characters feel fairly unique from one another while also being surprisingly balanced, and the various additional modes and training/teaching opportunities make it one of the most fully featured fighting games in recent memory. Particularly impressive considering that most of it is available for free. I'm interested to see what more of the final review scores end up showing, but at the very least, it's nice to know that the rather small selection of characters at this time hasn't kept it from being an otherwise very high-value title (especially considering that it's still free-to-play to some extent).


@Bruce S Benzing oh grow up ffs seriously both consoles are good and if you think that the launch line up defines this generation then i speak for the entire gaming population in saying im out!


metacritic score on this game ain't looking good but atleast the reviewer said it was fun


<< LINK REMOVED >> lol reviews.



On par with Killzone on Metacritic with more reviews to come.


I see the Sony fanboys are already in dread and doing their best..


<< LINK REMOVED >> why would anyone dread this game getting a good score?


@TashunkoSapa You people sicken me. All fanboys...


<< LINK REMOVED >> Yes some people are just against change. People are acting like the game is broken and unplayable. Quite the opposite actually. It is a has a good fighting engine, great animations, and really good tutorial for teaching noobies the game. When I heard that the game was going to be F2P I was also worried but it looks like DH did a fine job with how it will be priced as well.


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> "Yes some people are just against change."

STFU with that cheap argument. That aesthetics are ripped from SFIV which in turn looks like shit.


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Argument against what, your opinion? What you feel about something can't be argued. Carry it with you knowing people will disagree. Nothing cheap about what I said except you don't like it.


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Man you are blind. You take cheap shots at people for lack of a better argument.


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Man you are angry. Did someone from DH kill a family member? Your opinion is just that yours, it does not make it true, worse, or better than someone else's.


<< LINK REMOVED >> Says Xbone fanboy.


Aside from Xbone fanboys, who's going to believe in McGee's review? He's the same guy that gave Street Fighter X Tekken an 8.5. If a bare bone fighting game with shitty mechanics and 12 locked characters can get a great score, then a glorified demo can probably work its way up to a fairly good score under McGee's radar.


Back to King of Fighters 13 steam edition nothing to see here but a glorified demo.


<< LINK REMOVED >> I'd love to play a new KoF game!!!


@Mike Boone What's with the 6 character roster? It's at launch... 2 more's coming in the beginning of next year, and that makes it 8... Yes yes, I know, you still think it's a rip off and they're idiots, but seriously. If you think about it for just a fraction of a second, you'll notice that 8 characters for 20$ also equals 24 characters for your typical 60$ game price. So actually, you get just about as much for you money with KI as you do with just about any fighter... Plus I would rather have a well balanced roster, instead of 50 characters, where only about 10 of them is REALLY usable.

SkullGirls is getting around with only 6 characters.

Yeah it's true, I would have liked for KI3 to have a full roster at launch, but Microsoft has pushed them to a launch release. Plus, I would rather play the characters that are ready, while waiting for the rest, than I would keep waiting for it all... It's basically just paying for a beta, where you get the game for the same money when it's done.


<< LINK REMOVED >> Wait how much Street fighter X tekken have?...30 or more?


@DemocraticTroll @LordCrisp Like the 19 in Street Fighter 4...? 25 (plus 4 DLC, 3 Unplayable and 1 PS exclusive) in Mortal Kombat? 24 (plus 5 DLC) for Injustice? 28 in Soul Calibur 5? 29 in Dead or Alive 5....?

I would still say... 24 characters for 60$ is pretty average


<< LINK REMOVED >> "SkullGirls is getting around with only 6 characters"

And that game was developed by a small development team not by a mediocre developer that's being funded by one of the most riches companies in the world. Don't ignore facts. .


@john_matrix8953 @LordCrisp I kinda like how you keep calling people, who don't agree with you a moron. Have you ever thougt that you might just be a narrowminded jackass?

And yes 19 chars in SF4... Did you see a Super in front of that? or Arcade Edition after... My point is still valid... There's still more games with around that amount of characters that there is not...

Oh, and by the way. You ignored the answer to your own trolling and jumped to someone elses comment to troll about... Don't have any comments on the other comment I made? Geeez


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> LMFAO. My post has less text and yet you manage to ignore it by posting irrelevant bullshit.

"So who is it REALLY here that is ignoring facts?"

" Like the 19 in Street Fighter 4...?"

That right there proves that not only you're a troll but also a retarded one.

Also, a lengthy post doesn't make you intelligence moron, it just means more bullshit.


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> HAHA! still hating on Double Helix because of their past? wow... They have showed time and time again that what they're doing with KI is awesome. And they waren't the only ones "competing" to get to be the developer of KI3, but they got picked by Microsoft (With Ken Lobb there to test) that the playable blueprint they made felt like KI even without real textures and effects.

We've also been able to see A LOT of progress in almost every build that they've made, and much of that also goes to them actually listening to the community instead of just making they game that they want and shitting on their players like a lot of other do.

It's not their fault that Microsoft haven't given them the time they needed for finishing it. Everything in KI3 is made from scratch, for it to feel and look exactly like they want it to, instead of stealing from everyone else.

So who is it REALLY here that is ignoring facts?

But anyway, if you're gonna skip this because it's made by a team with a mediocre past it your loss, just stop being an ass about it. Judging from you other comments around here, you almost seem like a person just trying to get in Feedbackula, with stupid comments with random hate for everything in your path


The is the worst looking most horrible playing fighting game I have ever played in my life. right after rise of the robots and shaq fu. is this game on my list stuffed in the middle as most horrible.


I mean really this game is an insult to anybody that played the killer instinct games by rare thanks for screwing it up as bad as gearbox did with aliens col marines microsoft! . wont be buying .


<< LINK REMOVED >> Such a shame to hear... KI on snes was my all time favorite... I also owned rise of the robots. hilarious.


<< LINK REMOVED >> I don't know how you can say it is the worst looking fighting game when it looks better than a lot of fighters that were released on the PS3/360. That's like saying there are 16-bit fighting games that look better than this.

I won't comment on the gameplay comment since I haven't played it yet but I've played some stinkers and from what I've read so far about the game KI can't be as bad as the worst I've played.


<< LINK REMOVED >> Uhm... are you sure you've played this? It plays awesome. It sounds awesome. It looks awesome... And Double Helix even put in a lot of easter eggs for us to find.

Don't really like the accessories myself, but I've seen on the forum that there's a good amount of people who do. But anyway, if you don't wanna get this game then don't, but at least stop being a jerk about it :/ If you wanna play the old KI, then play the old KI instead of expecting a new installment to be the exact same.


@Noir Drakkar u mad?


<< LINK REMOVED >> you said in the Xbone launch stream that you don't know what the unlockable announcer is, and I just wanted to let you know, that it's the original announcer from the 2 first games... of course they had to pull him into the studio because there's a lot more combo names now than there was back then.

There's also a good amount of easter eggs in the game, like for example if you stand still in Sabrewulfs stage for a while, it's gonna start playing a KI3 version of his old stage theme. And in general, for your review I think it would be nice of you to mention the dynamic music that in general intensifies the experience. But good to hear that you like the game :) I also had a lot of fun with it at GamesCom


"World's most generous demo"


The review will be for entertainment, this is a must-buy game as far as I'm concerned.


Sounds like an 8.0 incoming...haters strap your boots up, you're going to be on damage patrol...


<< LINK REMOVED >> It doesn't matter what the score is. It's McGee, the text review is going to be shit. For example: McGee said that Injustice has a deep complex fighting mechanics, that's bullshit because NeitherRealm's games are best known for accessible, yet fun, fighting game mechanics. And he criticize the game's story which is also bullshit as McGee is the same person that gives that Capcom fighters a free pass for it's paper thin story or no story.


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> oh? become a beast with Joker then and tell me the timings arent strict


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> So you're saying that performing combo breakers, Xrays are difficult to pull off? Or pulling off 7 hit combos does have strict timing?

GTFO troll.


@Sina Madani shame on this gamer...


<< LINK REMOVED >> why shame on gamer oh noes he doesnt like xbox so therefore doesnt conform to my personal opinion ¬.¬ yer get a life please


I already played, it's score: 6/10


<< LINK REMOVED >> Well I played it and it's a 9.0! Oh wait, I'm talking about my SNES copy of the original.


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Then stay out of here and go play the original


Hah... I'm not the troll here.

Before I wrote this comment I funny enough also made a comment on the SkullGirls part... We can't all live a breath on the internet you know


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Says troll that couldn't respond to his lie about Skullgirls. Go back to your job at M$, troll.


<< LINK REMOVED >> you are being too nice a 4 or 5 is more like it.


wow the game is really slow mo.. They really need to speed things up





I thought a KI game would have me psyched, but damn I'm just not feeling it.


A little confusion there at the end. To clarify, COUNTER BREAKERS cost ZERO meter. It's SHADOW COUNTERS that cost meter. It's used when being pressured with a block string. But Combo Breakers can be countered at anytime. You just risk dropping the combo. Likewise, combos can be broken anytime before an ender, but risk being Locked Out offering the attacker riskless damage.


<< LINK REMOVED >> I am going to love this game. Thanks for clarifying.


Well he said this morning that he only had to play online to finish the review so hopefully he is having a blast and loves it.


WTF does Maxwell Mcgee know about fighting games? He's the same guy that overrates all the Capcom fighters that are mediocre, especially Street Fighter X Tekken.

The review for this game is going to be shit: I can just see it now, it's going to get a 9.0 because it's "Killer Instinct" despite the crappy business practices and the shitty art-style that's a rip off from the overrated Street Fighter IV.


<< LINK REMOVED >> somebody shitted on this guys pacifier...


@Jason Zaifert That will actually cost you far more...



Funny Injustice cost about $100 dollars for all characters and costumes over its DLC life.

As of now $20 gets you 8 characters with what we expect to get about 24-32 total over 3-4 seasons so 60-80 dollars. Mathematically that is on par with most fighters- IJS


Counter breaker takes half your energy? it doesn't even cost meter! Thought mcgee mas supposed to be a fighting game fan?


<< LINK REMOVED >> I think he's confusing it with Shadow Counter is all.




I look forward to Maxwell's review. He seems to know a lot more about fighting games than most critics do, but I hope he doesn't hamper too much about "replay value." In the games I play character depth IS replay value.


This is the review that people should be reading. Why? Because it's written by a man who has won tournaments, has played KI competitively for years, and most importantly looks at the mechanics over graphics, and "replay value" which according to most critics... fighting games lack that severely.


<< LINK REMOVED >> or you like his review because he saying all the things you want to hear . Next...


<< LINK REMOVED >> Kiss-ass.


Hope it does good. Kinda looks like some bloody roar game


What's the go with all this Facebook shenanigans? It's like they're talking to one another but can't hear us?


<< LINK REMOVED >> We don't need those stinkin facebookers! ;)


<< LINK REMOVED >> They live outside the bubble of awesome :P


I hope the new Dpad will be better then the 360, cant get used to fight stick


<< LINK REMOVED >> It's far better, played this at a local MS store.


@Spartan070 @sym yay cant wait>< only if I could test it out here but too many sharks



@Julian Jordan just say you aint got the scratch for it man - Mcdonalds is hiring for the seaon


@Julian Jordan For 20 dollars really? what story mode does Resogun have. mmm lets see

3 ships 5 boards - $ 20 dollars or free via PSN - please hollah back when you find A. your brain or B you point!


<< LINK REMOVED >> Plus... for those 20$ you DO get a story... oh, plus 2 more characters... Double Helix just don't wanna rush it and send out haft done things... so easly next year, your 20$ will have spawned 8 characters and a storymode


@Jason Zaifert umm if you dont already own this game there you been at? The N64 version is very good - might want to mention the 40 dollar version gets you this game and 2 versions of the original arcade games - well worth it if you ask me


<< LINK REMOVED >> He dont want the suck ass new game attached to the old game. and I dont blame him. go to ebay.


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Interesting - Lets see Killer Instinct Gold for the N64 is considered one of the best versions of the original and was rating a BIG FAT 6.5 when it came out << LINK REMOVED >>

Others ranged from 6-9 but you get the idea - so this game is at least ON PAR WITH the originals in terms of quality and that is with all of 6 characters from SET 1

This new SUCK ARSE AS you so eloquently put it is rating a 8. Mmmmmm. either you are:

A. too young to ever recall playing the other ones.

B. Too old and forgot how those games actually played

or C. Not very good at technique based fighting games.

Having played the n64 gold cartridfe as recent as last month I can assure you this new one IS a better game.


Can't decide whether to get the $20 or $40 version. I do like all of the different accessories that is coming with the $40 version, but the $20 you get almost everything as well.

Decisions, decisions.


<< LINK REMOVED >> It's not so much the accessories that attracts most people to the 40$ version... It's the copy of the first Killer Instinct that comes with it, that draws the price so much higher


so far all the games on XB1 have been below average.

I mean really dead rising 3 deserves a 5 not a 7..

only Ryse can save the launch of XB1 & if thats a cheesy game then Microsoft is in deep Shit


<< LINK REMOVED >> Deep shit? It's barely the fucking beginning. Every single Sony console has had a shitty launch line up and the console is still alive.

For the record, XB1 has the better launch line ups, whether you want to accept it or not. Deal with it, fanboy.


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> "For the record, XB1 has the better launch line ups, whether you want to accept it or not. Deal with it, fanboy."

You see that's what makes you a hypocrite when you call somebody else a fanboy.


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Erm how? He says the line up barely matters, though XB1 has the better one. A fanboys response to someones opinion that doesnt agree with their own is to retort that they are being fanboys themselves. I agree with << LINK REMOVED >> Launch titles isnt everything, yet XB1 has the strongest lineup.



So you literally forgot about KI, Titanfall, and Forza huh? K I just reminded you, k? and Killzone is only averaging a 74 percent on gamerankings.. So much for the backbone game of PS4


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> lol reviews.


So does PS4's... Waaayyy below avg (knack) lol. But give these consoles a chance. Pretty sure theyll do fine at the end


I'm a huge fighting game fan, but this game looks totally unimpressive. I get that it runs at 60 FPS, but who cares? The collision detection in this game looks terrible. It almost looks like the hit boxes have nothing to do with the character models. And all the explosions and fireworks are unnecessary in a fighting game. That's the difference between a game like SFIV and MvC.


@Julian Jordan it is still bigger than Flower and Resogun


@James A. Bross III this is a launch title, will release same day as X1.


Let us know how the D-pad fairs this time around.


@Belal ALamoudi 6+2 for free with the $20 purchase.

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