Restricted Area opening up to North America

Whiptail set to publish the action RPG in North America; sci-fi PC game sees four characters battling megacorporations.

West Chester, Pennsylvania-based Whiptail Interactive today announced that it will publish Restricted Area for North American audiences. The title has already been released in Germany, where it was nominated for several awards at the 2004 German Developer Awards. Whiptail, publisher of Postal 2 and Gangland, hopes that the game will enjoy similar success here.

The game, developed by German developer Master Creating, is an action-oriented role-playing game set in a cyberpunkish world later this century. Gamers will choose between four different characters, including a Terminator-esque ex-special forces member and an antiestablishment hacker, each with their own fighting styles and strengths, and they will battle megacorporations across lands littered with mutants and pollution.

No date has been set for the North American release of Restricted Area.

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