Resident Evil Outbreak online doubts for Europe

Capcom announces that, while it's committed to providing online content for PAL gamers in the future, Resident Evil Outbreak may be offline in Europe.

Following recent reports that Resident Evil Outbreak will not feature online play in Europe, we contacted Capcom Europe's UK office to find out what's going on. The news isn't all good, but, according to the representative we spoke to, the company is working on ways to implement online play in the PAL versions of its games that may or may not be sorted out in time for Resident Evil: Outbreak, which is currently scheduled for release next year.

"In Central Station, SCEE has built an excellent network service," reads a statement issued by Capcom Europe. "Capcom is committed to supporting the PAL consumer with the best online content, and for that reason it may take time before all of our PS2 titles can properly integrate network or online play. In the long term we are confident that we can deliver the highest-quality content across all formats, whether offline or online."

So there you have it, online functionality for Resident Evil: Outbreak in Europe is looking doubtful at this time, but certainly hasn't been dismissed. We'll bring you more on this story as soon as it becomes available. For more information on Resident Evil Outbreak, which will definitely be online in both Japan and North America, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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