Resident Evil 6's multiplayer mode is Agent Hunt

Resident Evil 6 boasts a multiplayer mode called Agent Hunt, where you can terrorise human players as the zombified J'avo. We got to play against the makers of the game, as well as put your questions to them directly.

Like Resident Evil 5, Resi 6 will boast a co-op story mode that can be played online. Well, three of the four campaigns can be at least--Ada Wong's can't, but you can find out about that in today's other preview of the game. What has been an unknown quantity up until now is the game's competitive multiplayer element. Thankfully, Capcom has blown the cover on that aspect of the game by announcing that there will be a new mode called Agent Hunt, where you'll get to hunt down human players as J’avo creatures. Here are all the details you need to know.

Agent Hunt is unlocked once you've completed the main campaign

Once unlocked, Agent Hunt mode opens up certain parts of the campaign to other people who want to play the part of the J'avo zombies and hunt you down. The idea is that you can jump into other people's games and strengthen the zombie horde--multiple people will be able to take on the main character by communicating with each other to coordinate attacks

The J'avo have multiple forms of attack

Once you jump into a game, you pick a spawn point, and then have it as one of the knife-wielding J'avo. Once you've taken a bit of damage from the agents in the game, you start to transform--in Resident Evil's characteristically gruesome fashion. At the first stage, you sprout a huge zombie arm that's good for hitting or grabbing agents from afar. At another stage, you transform into a much faster snake-like creature who can produce noxious gases and unleash deadly spike attacks. When you die, you pick a spawn point and start again.

While we were at Capcom seeing Resident Evil 6, we managed to ask some of the questions that you guys had about the game. Here are some of the details we could glean:

There will be customisation in the game

One of the first things Capcom talked about was the customisation in Resident Evil 6--you will be able to control how much info you see on the HUD, and you can tweak things like your aiming reticule. For example, you can choose the classic Resident Evil 4 laser sight, for example, and change its colour if you so desire.

There won't be branching storylines

While there won't be any different endings to the four campaigns in Resident Evil 6, Capcom hopes the recent announcement of Ada's campaign, which overlaps with the others, will add more depth to the overall narrative.

Comic-Con feedback made it into the game, and there's a chance we'll get to play the demo

We got to replay the Comic-Con demo while visiting Capcom Japan, which featured action from Chris, Jake and Leon's campaigns. "We got some feedback based on that demo…and we're still trying to make some adjustments to the game based on that," said Capcom producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi. And as for whether that demo will be released publicly: "We'll have to see maybe what the fan response is and consider our development schedule as well before we can make a decision on that."

Resident Evil 6 will be released in America, Europe and Australia on October 2--for more on the game, be sure to check out our preview of the brand new Ada Wong campaign below.

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