Resident Evil 5 Walkthrough

Keep evil in check with our complete walkthrough of Resident Evil 5. Check it out for boss battles, cooperative tips, and achievement/trophy lists!

Resident Evil 4 is considered by many to be one of the best games ever made. So to say that Resident Evil 5 has a lot to live up to is an understatement of epic proportions. But instead of offering a predictable sequel, Capcom went back to the drawing board and developed a game that, while heavily based on RE4's groundwork, is its own beast entirely, thanks to the game being built primarily as a cooperative experience. Whether you're going it alone or tackling it with a friend, we'll be there to provide you with help along the way.

Here's what you'll find in GameSpot's Resident Evil 5 Game Guide:

This guide contains some plot spoilers. Read at your own risk.

General Tips


Item Gathering

In order to survive, you'll have to depend on what you acquire out in the field. Keep an eye out for items such as ammo, grenades, health, and more inside wooden boxes, barrels, and even piles of fruits and vegetables. Make sure to use your knife to bust open the containers, instead of wasting bullets. In addition, you'll want to explore every nook and cranny--you'll never know where an item may turn up, such as inside a chest or drawer. Hell, even animals carry items on them occasionally, so it's often worth your while to kill the crows and rats you come across for some free goodies.

Managing Your Inventory

Unlike previous Resident Evils, you can't pause the game and switch weapons at your leisure. It's all real-time now, baby, so it's crucial you come to grips with how the inventory system works. In short, you're provided 9 inventory slots, each can hold a single type of item, such as a weapon, herb, or type of ammo. The four slots directly connected to the center square each correspond to a direction on the control pad--place an item there to quickly access it with a press of the control pad in that direction! Easy, huh? It's generally best to assign similar types of items to the same slots consistently, that way you won't get confused in the heat of battle. For instance, we're rather fond of assigning our primary weapon (a pistol) to the top slot, secondary weapon on the left (usually a shotgun), rifle on the right, and grenades/health at the bottom.


It's time to remember everything your mother taught you about sharing, as it'll apply here, too. In short, you and your partner have to carefully manage who carries what--remember, you only have 9 slots each to work with. If they run out of ammo, they won't be able to protect themselves…or you. Of course, if you're really good with resource management, you and your partner may find yourself running out of inventory space, preventing you from grabbing precious items. Here are a few tips you can use to make space available:

  • Reload: Reload all of your weapons! If you have a pack of 5 bullets and reload a pistol with room for more, you've just opened up an inventory slot!
  • Combine Herbs: Combine whatever herbs you can to open space. Remember, a single green can be combined with anything, but a red can only be mixed with a green.
  • Trade Items: If both you and your partner have the same type of item, such as a grenade, have one teammate give their share to the other--it should be added to their total, opening up space in your inventory.
  • Drop an Item:Yeah, we know--we hate this option as much as you do. But sometimes no amount of tinkering can open space in your inventory. At this point, it's worth considering dropping an item in exchange for one you've found. For instance, if you have Magnum ammo, but no Magnum, then retaining the ammo won't do you much good (apart from being able to sell it later), whereas the item you found may be of more use.
  • Place Items in Storage: Unfortunately, this option won't be of much use on the field, as you can only access the inventory between chapters or after dying. However, whenever you have the opportunity, it's best to make use of it and place any items you're not actively using in storage. In general, it's best to carry two weapons at most each (combined with ammo, this already eats up at least four inventory slots), and one type of grenade each. Sheva should always have at least two health items on her, as well.

Herbs and Healing Sprays

Fighting zombies for a living isn't easy, and you're going to suffer a bite every now and then. This is where healing items come in handy. Throughout your adventure, you'll find that healing items come in three forms:

  • Herbs: Herbs come in two colors: Green and Red. A single green herb restores a small amount of health by itself, but becomes much more effective when combined with another herb of either color. Two green herbs combined restore roughly twice what one does, while a Green + Red restores even more. Unfortunately, a red herb by itself does nothing, and can only be combined with a green.
  • Healing Sprays: The best healing item. These babies completely restore your health, so it's best to use them only when low on health.
  • Eggs: Although eggs don't restore much health (and unlike herbs and sprays, it can only heal a single person), they're worth collecting and should be used anytime you lose more than a third of your health. However, unlike Herbs and Sprays, eggs are a bit more difficult to find, as only chickens and snakes carry them. If you spot a chicken, try hanging around--it should lay an egg after a few moments. Snakes on the other hand must be killed in collect their eggs. Just make sure you don't eat a "rotten egg," otherwise you will lose health!

Battle Tips

Aim for the Knees!

It may seem counter-intuitive, but aiming for the knees is often your best bet. Although it doesn't inflict much damage, it will cause your zombie adversaries to bend over in pain, which not only slows them down dramatically, but also gives you a chance to run up and melee them. Alternatively, if you shoot them again, they'll often fall to the ground, at which point you can run up and "stomp" them, or slash them to death with your knife--it may take a few swipes, but it's well worth your while.

Stick Together

With few exceptions, it's best to stick together when things get dicey. That way, you always have an aid nearby who can save if you're grabbed, or wind up in the "danger" state. Furthermore, this makes it easier to use explosives without accidentally setting your ally on fire.

Find the Right Weapon

The weapons in Resident Evil 5 all excel in different area. Now that's not to say they can't be used outside of their ideal context, but it's generally best to use the weapons in the proper circumstances to maximize both their effectiveness as well as your remaining ammo. Our weapons section below provides a great overview of each weapon and when to use them--read it carefully.


Resident Evil 5 has quite a few weapon types at your disposal, and unlike most shooters, each serves a very important and distinct purpose, if used strategically.


Pistols are the mainstay weapons of Resident Evil, and one which we recommend having in your inventory at all times. Although they're relatively weak, finding ammo for them is rarely an issue. They are best used to stun opponents (by shooting them in the knee caps) or knocking them down (shooting them in the legs repeatably), then following up with melee attacks--either context sensitive ones (stomps and the like) or knife slashes. We suggest having this weapon equipped as your primary weapon, unless you're being bombarded by several enemies.


Shotguns are perhaps one of the most useful weapons you'll find, ideal for almost any close-range situation…which is probably why ammo for them is relatively hard to come by. Not only are they very powerful, but they have a wide blast radius that can send an entire group foes flying back with a single shot.

Machine Guns

The machine guns are the weakest weapon of the bunch, but this is offset by their high rate of fire. These are best used on groups of enemies--spray the entire group to hold them back!

Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rifles are obscenely powerful, and for obvious reasons, are only really effective at long-range. As such, it's best to have only one between the both of you.


There are three types of grenades: Hand Grenades (green), Incendiary Grenades (red), and Flash Grenades (blue). Hand grenades are the most powerful of the three and explode violently, throwing anyone nearby quite a distance. Incendiary Grenades are slightly less powerful, but create a small fire that continually harms anyone who dares to cross it. Finally, Flash grenades are perhaps some of the most mis-understood of the bunch. While they don't usually deal any damage at all, they will temporarily stun any nearby enemies for several moments, allowing you to either escape, or pick them off with ease. Furthermore, perhaps the best known secret regarding Flash grenades is that they will instantly destroy any enemies with exposed Las Plagas!

Upgrading & New Weapons

Upon completing a chapter or dying, you'll be given the option to purchase new goods or upgrade your current weapons. We always suggest upgrading your primary weapons first, which if you've been reading our tips so far, should be a pistol and shotgun for Chris and machine gun for Sheva. Now there are three main categories available for upgrading: Firepower, Reload Speed, and Capacity. You should always focus on firepower first, followed by capacity (not only does this give you access to more bullets without reloading--negating the "reload speed"--but it also helps open slots in your inventory since your weapon can hold more ammo).

We suggest ignoring reload speed for two reasons: One, with an upgrade capacity, you simply won't have to reload that often. Secondly, you can reload any weapon on the inventory screen much faster than doing it in 'real-time' within the game itself. To reload on the inventory screen, simply "move" the ammo box on top of the desired weapon for an instant reload! Cool, huh?

Throughout your adventure, you may come across new weapons similar to the ones you're already carrying. Next time you get a chance, check out its stats in the store and compare them to your current weapon's. Want you want to look for is not how powerful it is currently, but how powerful it can be after upgrading. Compare the length of the "firepower" bars--whichever one is longer is probably the weapon you should go with (unless the difference is negligible, and the cost to upgrade said weapon to its most powerful states isn't worth it).

Going it alone?

If you're playing alone, Sheva will be controlled by the computer. While she's relatively smart, she may not always do what you want her to do. Thankfully, you do have a small amount of control over how she acts, which is what the "Partner Action" button is for. Tapping it once will instruct her to come to you side and provide cover. Holding it down brings up an additional option: Attack (to select it, press up on the control pad). In this state, Sheva will march ahead and do her own thing--in general, we don't recommend this as it's difficult to keep tabs on her.

Additionally, you can also have Sheva perform several contextual actions, such as picking up an item or pushing a staircase. Simply tap the "Partner Action" button whenever it's displayed on-screen to have her do as you say. Personally, we prefer keeping her "close" at all times--it gives the player more control, while allowing her to provide you with valuable backup, such as healing you when you need it most.

Tip: Conserve Ammo Sheva's not exactly a conservationist when it comes to ammo. However, there is a way you can prevent her from shooting in most circumstances--simply tap the "Partner Action" button every couple of seconds to call her close--she won't shoot when obeying this order, so exploit it whenever you have things under your control. We also suggest giving her weapons you'd rather not handle yourself, that way you're not forced to share ammo (we prefer to horde the handgun ammo, but let her go nuts with the machine guns).

Now one challenge is figuring how to divvy up the weapons and items you find. It's generally best to carry completely different weapons, that way you don't have to share specific ammo types. We're rather fond of holding onto the Pistol and Shotgun, while giving Sheva a Machine Gun (there's tons of ammo, so she shouldn't run out). In addition, we give her almost all of the healing items (except for one) and keep her "close" at all times, that way she's ready to heal you at a moment's notice, without forcing you to dig through your inventory, saving time.

What's Changed Since Resident Evil 4?

Although Resident Evil 5 is heavily based on the previous game, there have been several subtle changes and tweaks to the fundamental mechanics that can trip up fans of RE4. Here's a quick rundown to get you up to speed.

  • Suitcase is no more: Remember how you could pause the game and leisurely check your inventory in Resident Evil 4, carefully deciding what weapon you should use next? Well, say sayonara as that system is long gone. Instead, your "suitcase" now consists of only 9 slots (an item's size no longer matters), and can only be used in real-time (that's right, no pausing for you!). That means you had better decide what to equip quick, otherwise you'll have zombies breathing down your neck.
  • Herbs: Yellow herbs are no more, leaving only green and red ones remaining. What this means is that your health bar cannot be extended--what you see is what you get. In addition, herbs can only be combined twice, instead of three times. However, herbs and healing sprays can heal both you and your partner at the same time, so long as you're close together.
  • What ya buying?
  • The fan-favorite merchant is no longer in business. However, you still have the opportunity to purchase weapons and other goods between chapters or after dying. But we'll never get over the loss of hearing "Come back anytime!" after every transaction.
  • Selling Weapons? Save ammo!
  • One problem with selling weapons in Resident Evil 4 was that you would lose whatever ammo was inside that weapon. Thankfully, this is no longer an issue as the remaining ammunition will be placed inside your inventory as an ammo pack.

Chapter 1-1: Civilian Checkpoint

Don't worry about the villagers, they're not zombies…yet. Follow the road to the Corner Pyamy Butchery and enter through the side-door, on the right. You'll find the man you're looking for inside. After speaking with him, open the suitcase on the counter and retrieve the two pistols inside (one for each of you). Equip the pistol, then break open the wooden container on the table, just right of the exit (always use your knife to break containers) for some gold. Check the two clipboards on the adjacent table for some basic info regarding health and controls, then exit through the nearby door.

Outside, bust open the barrel in the left corner, then head down the stairs. You'll spot four crows surrounding a dog--shoot the far right crow to earn some cash, then enter the nearby building and continue through the door. Bust open a couple of boxes and barrels just past the animal carcus for money and a Green Herb, then check the note on the left counter, if so inclined. You'll find another Green Herb on the shelf, just before exiting through the far door.

Back outside, climb the staircase and enter the door to spot a poor villager having something rammed down his throat. Get ready, because as soon as that cutscene ends, he's going to going to make a break right for you. Either step aside or immediately shoot him in the leg twice to knock him down, then run up and stomp him, or knife him to death to conserve bullets. Continue through the door, grab the ammo from the bookshelf, then jump through the window.

Upon landing, head down the right alley, which triggers a horde of zombies who'll chase you. Don't even bother fighting them as they simply keep coming (plus they don't drop any items)--instead, turn around (remember your quick-turn!) and run into the building dead-ahead for safety. After barricading yourself inside, grab the Red Herb from the shelf near the door, then a Grenade from the shelf in the far corner. Now check out the far door and kick it the same time as your partner to knock it down. Check the shelf inside for ammo, then bust open a trio of barrels for money and ammo.. Now hop down the hole and head to the ladder on the far side. After climbing the ladder, grab the two boxes of ammo and the Green Herb from the shelves before exiting.

Tip! Try killing the rats in the tunnel for some free money. You probably shouldn't waste bullets on them, so chase 'em to the ladder (since they have trouble escaping here) then aim down and knife them.

Follow the trail down to the house, but make sure to grab the Green Herb and ammo from the shelf before entering. As you enter the house, you'll watch a cutscene showing an execution--eww. Even worse, the zombies are coming for you next! Your first task should be to push both bookshelves so they block the window and door (to save time, direct Sheva to push one of them)--this will slow down the zombies from entering the house. Now that you've slowed them down for a bit, quickly explore the home to find five packs of ammo and some money hidden amongst the boxes, barrels, and vegetable piles, and check the drawer beneath the TV. Now that you're fully loaded, it's time to focus on taking down those zombies.

So here's the deal: You have to hold down the house for about 2 minutes and 20 seconds, at which point the executioner will break through the chain link fence outside, allowing you to escape--as such it doesn't really matter how many zombies you kill, so long as you keep them off your back. Before the zombies break through your bookshelf defense, you can target the ones by the blocked door through the window--stand by the far left of the window and aim right to target the few who may already be at the door. Try to keep an eye on the other bookshelf--as soon as they break through, you should focus on preventing them from coming through that window. An easy way to do this is to simply stand directly in front of the window and continually slash with your knife--there's nothing they can do (we're evil, we know)!

At the two-minute mark, a cutscene will play showing various zombies dropping through a hole in the ceiling, and even more will flood in through the main entrance--this is your cue that it's time to leave. Jump out the window (or through the door) and get ready to make a break for it as soon as the executioner breaks down the chain link fence. Now while you have free reign at this point, so do the zombies, and there's a lot of them. Like before, this is a time-based affair, and you're going to have to stay alive for the next 4 minutes and 20 seconds--do that and you're golden!

Hidden Weapon! There's a VZ61 Machine Gun hidden in a briefcase on a table in the far right corner, next to the closed gate. If you're good with the pistol, consider giving the weapon to Sheiva, so you can horde the handgun ammo.

The easiest way to stay alive is to simply run to the far side, wait for the zombies to approach, then dart past them, back to the other side. Simply repeat this over and over until 4 minutes elapses. Oh, and make sure to set Sheva to "cover" you, so that she remains close at all times and (hopefully) stays out of trouble. Of course, you may have to shoot a zombie or two if they get in your way, otherwise just keep on the move, back and forth, until the four minutes elapse.

Kill the Executioner! (advanced players only) So you think you're hot stuff, huh? Well, if you manage to kill the executioner, you'll be awarded a Gold Ring (worth 5,000 clams!). Of course, killing him is damn difficult as not only is getting close asking for an ax'ing, but you also only have four minutes to do so before the helicopter shows up, ending the chapter. The best way to tackle him is to shoot him in the noggin two or three times, causing him to reel back in pain. Now run up and punch him! Back away, rinse and repeat. Don't let up--you don't have much time! If things get hectic, try darting far past him, giving you space and time to place your shots. Grenades also work wonders, both in taking down nearby zombies, but also causing the execution to become stunned, making him ripe for a punching.

Once four minutes elapse, Kirk will swoop in with his helicopter and take everyone out for and open the far gate for you. What a guy! (Never mind what the hell he was doing all this time.) Now that the area's completely clear, explore the town for any items you may have missed, such as the Green Herb on the small rooftop you can jump to by climbing the central staircase, as well as a pair of Grenades on the top level of the home you were initially in, accessible via a staircase on the right side.

When ready, continue through the exploded gate, check the house on the right for a barrel containing a Green Herb, then follow the path around a building to the exit door. But before you head through, drop into the nearby hole to find a barrel containing some Gold.

Chapter 1-2:

Enter the house ahead and collect the ammo from the table and an item from the barrel, then exit outside through the door. If you like, toss Sheva up the broken ladder to find a key you can't quite reach. Continue down the adjacent alley to find a woman--hang back and let her charge at you, then shoot out her leg and either stomp or knife her to death.

Prepare for another enemy around the left corner. Now turn around and get ready for an enemy clambering over the chain link fence and bust open the barrel in the corner. Turn around and push up the road, ready for two more enemies ahead, one attacking from the left and another who'll emerge from the building on the right. Once they're down, explore the house on the left for some items inside the vegetable pile and a box, but be ready for an enemy to drop through a hole in the ceiling inside. There's also an alley on the side of the house (right next to a broken ladder) that leads to another box. Now toss Sheva up the broken ladder to get the Old Building Key. While she's grabbing it, back away from the chain link fence, as a trio of zombies are about to drop in.

Continue through the house on the right (across from the ladder) and turn left as you step outside to spot another enemy clambering over the fence. We suggest waiting for him to climb over it before killing him, that way you can grab whatever item he may drop. Make a quick pitstop via the window into inside the next building via the window (across from the door you just came through) to find an item inside a box, then continue through the alley, and open the barrel along the way. As you approach a stack of boxes, get ready for a single enemy to hop out, and another around the next corner. Make sure to check the nearby vegetable pile for an item, then continue past the staircase to a bottom-floor door, which you can enter.

Inside the house, check the shelf on the right for some shotgun ammo and then around the corner for some gold. Proceed upstairs and step onto the left balcony for a barrel, then grab the First Aid Spray from the table and approach a second balcony, ready for two enemies about to dart your way. Once they're down, open the chest there to obtain an Antique Clock. Now hop off the baloney and double-team the door to burst through.

Hey, it's that girl again! Well, we'll get to her in a second. First, you can use the Old Building Key to unlock the blue building on your left, allowing you to grab the Shotgun inside (there's a nearby box as well). Back outside, check for a barrel underneath the stairs, before climbing them inside the building.

Hmm, the cute girl isn't so cute anymore…unless you have a thing for zombies. At any rate, she's the toughest zombie youl've seen yet, and can take quite a few bullets. Even worse, a parasitic creature thing will burst out of her head after a few shots, which can inflict damage from several feet away. Oh, and did we mention that numerous zombies are about to attack from every direction? Your best bet is to head for the deck, via the left door. Back as far away from the door as you can, then get ready to shoot anyone who steps through--remember to shoot them in the legs to slow/knock them down. Switch to the shotgun whenever the girl approaches (to knock her down), or when several enemies attack at once, to take them down in one fell swoop. You can also chuck a grenade in the far corner to destroy any enemies on the deck, without hurting yourself.

Once the music dies down, you'll know it's safe. Head back inside and exit through the left door and descend the staircase. Three or so zombies will come attacking--you know what to do. Now continue through a hole in the wall on the far side and bust open the barrels on the right, before heading through the door.

Proceed through the dank halls and up the stairs. Open the box by the fallen member of Alpha Team and continue onward to find a barrel and ladder. Climb it to the floor above where you'll find a couple of barrels, as well as a treasure chest containing a ton of gold that you can jump to from the door, which you should then go through. After meeting with the dying Alpha Team member, bust open a couple of boxes in the room, then continue through the blue door and catch a ride on the elevator at the end.

After the elevator ride, bust open the barrels as you traverse the hall to the furnance room. Once there, look for a Green Herb on a trash can to your left, then bust open a few more barrels, and make sure to grab the Furnace Key from the corpse on the right side. Once you have the key, backtrack down the hall to trigger a cutscene, which introduces us to your very first boss fight! You're going to have to lead him back to the boiler room and burn him in the furnace--more on that in a sec.

Your first order of business is to turn your butt around and hightail it back to the furnace room. Once there, head right and quickly knock over the red, explosive cannister (by pressing the "interact" button when next to it)--the boss will absorb this when he rolls over it, providing you with an easy way to stun him. Now dart into the small, back room (with the exposed flames) and position yourself along the far wall and wait for Mr. Boss to roll on into the furnace--equip the shotgun while you wait. When he enters, wait for him to get close, then aim for the explosive cannister that he absorbed (in his center) with the shotgun (any gun works, but shotgun is easiest)--this will destroy his joints, causing him to collapse.

Now immediately run past him, to the furance controls just outside and activate them to shutter the doors--it takes a few moments, but the door should close before he can escape. Once the doors shut, the boiler will activate, killing him. If he does somehow escape, there's one more cannister on the other side of the room. Failing that, you can manually shoot his joints--we recommend using the shotgun or grenades.

With the boss defeated, return to the door Chris tried to unlock before and continue through. Grab the trio of handgun ammo packs from the suitcase ahead, then board the lift at the end.

Chapter 2-1: Storage Facility

BSAA Emblem Look for the first BSAA Emblem on the wall, just right of the two clipboards.

Explore the garage to find three barrels and two boxes, as well as a suitcase containing an H&K MP5 Machine Gun. Also, look for a ladder on the right side, leading on top of the shipping crates--you'll find a chest containing a ton of gold. Now that you're loaded, exit through the door.

BSAA Emblem Look for the first BSAA Emblem on the wall, just right of the two clipboards.

Well isn't this a great view of the waterfront! Well, this is no time to admire the sights, it's time to get moving. As you turn the first corner amongst the shipping crates, stop and look up--there's an archer just above. Wait for him to get into position, then shoot him once to cause him to fall into a tripwire explosive below, killing him instantly. Speaking of which, be careful as you maneuver through these boxes, as that's just the first of several trip-wires. Around the next corner you'll spot two enemies, the one in the back is an archer and will run off--don't worry about him. Kill the nearby zombie first, then wait--the archer will appear on the box just behind him, making him an easy target. Prepare for a third zombie to the right, just ahead. Now head left to find a Green Herb inside a shipping container, then climb the ladder for a Handgun Ammo--oh, and try jumping off the other side (next to the ladder) to find two barrels and a crate in a secret area. Just make sure to shoot the tripwire before exiting! Head left, then right again to get back on track. Look inside a second shipping container for a barrel, then shoot the nearby tripwire and continue forward.

Uh-oh, that dog doesn't look too happy, and he'll soon be joined by two others! If you have a grenade, toss it a second or two after the cutscene to kill him and two more that appear. Out of grenades? Get your shotgun out and go nuts on the trio of dogs (if you don't have a shotgun, use whatever else you have). Watch out for an archer on the box just ahead--if you're playing cooperatively, the second player should take him out while you focus on the dogs--if playing single-player, Sheva should target him automatically. Once clear, head left to find a barrel around the corner, then head the opposite direction, ready for an attacking enemy. Climb the ladder, then drop off the other side of the shipping container, and get ready for a heated battle.

Creep forward to the opening between the shipping crates, looking out into the field. If you have a shotgun, this is the best place to take on the enemies from, as it'll funnel them right to you. But first, quickly shoot the explosive barrel just past the car to take down the first few enemies, then equip the shotgun and lay waste to anything that enters your field of vision (if you run out of shells, try grenades), including several dogs and a fat guy--he's pretty resilient, so keep shooting him until he falls back. When you get the chance, switch to a pistol or machine gun and target the archers that appear on the container ahead, as well as on the ground. If you don't have a shotgun, your best bet is to shoot the explosive cannister, then quickly climb onto the shipping containers via either ladder, kill the archer and target the enemies from here--if they climb up after you, hop back down into the field, run to a far corner, and target them from there. Once they get close, retreat to the boxes again and repeat.

With the field cleared, bust open a barrel in the corner, then use teamwork to open the gate on the opposite side. Bust open a pair of containers, then jump the gap on the left. As you do, an 18-wheeler will come truckin' your direction! Shoot the closest explosive barrel on the right it, just as the truck passes by to take it down. Afterward, more zombies will storm your way from the same direction--step forward just enough so the truck's not blocking your shot and aim for the explosive cannisters, one at a time, as the zombie group passes by. Use a pistol or machine gun to pick off the remainders.

Once clear, enter the house ahead for a couple of barrels, and one more just up the street. Follow the ramp along the waterfront down into a sewer tunnel. Get ready for a pack of dogs just before the first bend--if you have a grenade, toss it toward the corner to destroy all three. If not, whip out a shotgun and lay into them. Prepare for two more around the next hard corner--while a grenade works, a shotgun may be more efficient. Continue through a couple of doors, but look for a pair of crates just before exiting.

While it may seem quiet in the canal, it won't remain that way for long, as several flying creatures are about to pop out of the corpses--four in all. Retreat to the tunnel you just came from and shoot them from here, as they can't fly low enough to come after you! Make sure to collect the gem on the left half of the canal, and get ready for the corpse near the gate to spring to life, which one more flying creature will emerge from. Kick the locked door three times to knock it down, then climb the ladder at the end of the tunnel.

Back outside, grab the Green Herb by the canoe dead-ahead, then enter the house on the right to find another Green Herb, as well as a barrel and crate. Climb down the stairs to the water, and take a quick dip to find several treasures: Gold near the far-end of the left canoe, more gold by the central wood planks, and finally a Topaz (Pear) in the far right corner. Follow the path further into town, where you'll spot a few enemies who'll take off running--don't bother with them. Instead, slash open a couple of vegetable piles in the middle, then enter the far right house (you'll find a Red Herb just outside--also, check its rooftop via an outside ladder on the right for an Emerald (Square) in the far corner). Inside, shoot the Port Key off the neck of the hanging corpse and grab it.

Unfortunately, this triggers a small army of zombies to attack, including a Fat Guy. While there are numerous methods to battle these guys, we think we've found the best one: hightail it back to the sewer (if you forgot where it was, exit the house, head straight/left (diagonally) back to the beach, then up the stairs and down into the sewer). Now back away from the ladder and wait for the enemies to drop down to you! Not only does this funnel them exactly where you want them, but they'll be momentarily stunned as they land, giving you an easy target! Use a pistol or machine gun and shoot their legs to slow or knock them down, and save the shotgun (or grenades) for when they bunch together or when a Fat Guy approaches (shoot him relentless--you don't want to have to deal with him later). If you're accurate, you shouldn't have any trouble taking them down, but keep in mind that you can retreat further up the sewer, if need be. Once clear, hang around a few more moments just to make sure no one else is coming, then climb back up and head toward town--keep an eye out for an archer on top of the central stand as you climb the hill back to town, and be ready for a flying creature to emerge from his body.

Now use the Port Key on the locked gate, kill the dude on the boat, and hop aboard. Bust open the three barrels (one on the nose, two in the rear) and exit onto the opposite dock. Quickly clamber up the wall ahead and duck behind the left wall for cover. Peek around it to target any enemies coming your way, including another Fat Guy--remember, use the Shotgun on him. Thankfully, your helicopter buddy should be showing up soon enough, and he'll assist in taking down most of the remaining enemies. Once things have calmed down, take a moment to explore the dock below for a Green Herb in the corner, as well as some Gold in the water beneath the bridge leading from the boat. Also, bust open a crate inside the house you took cover behind, then climb the ladder on the right side to find a Green Herb.

BSAA Emblem After climbing the ladder, look off the far side (by the herb) to spot another emblem inside the opposite building.
Push forward through town to the far building. As you approach, several enemies will pop through the door. Immediately turn around, hop back over the fence and get ready to tackle a single enemy heading from that direction before turning your attention to the foes who came through the door. Thankfully, the chopper should take most of them down for you, leaving just a few left for you to take care of. Also, remember that if you shoot them while they're hopping the fence, they'll fall to the ground stunned. Just be ready for a single archer who may be left by the building's entrance. Afterward, grab a Green Herb from the table on the left, Rifle Ammo from a table on the right, then bust open a barrel down a dead-end, right of the house. Head inside to find a barrel and a S75 Rifle--you (Chris) should onto this, as it's quite handy during the next area. Speaking of which, exit through the door outside, on the right, to proceed onward.

There are two routes ahead: Both lead to the same place, but the left one is a bit easier, so we suggest taking it. Follow the left route to the window and prepare your knife--there are three enemies inside, and you can easily swipe at all of them from outside, through the window. If for whatever reason some of them don't approach, try hopping in and out through the window to catch their attention. Once cleared, bust open a box just around the corner, then hop through the window inside and look for some Handgun ammo on a shelf before exiting through the door. After exiting, grab the Green Herb dead-ahead, then turn left again to bust open a couple of crates before climbing the hill.

As you climb the hill, you'll watch a cutscene involving your helicopter buddy. Immediately after, you'll be attacked by a pair of flying creatures--turn right and dart underneath the awning of the house you just left. The flying creatures can't reach you here, allowing you to pick them off with ease. Once they're down, climb the hill and toss Sheva up the busted ladder, where she'll collect items and help provide cover. As for you, stick to the higher path and follow it around the bend. Target the guy on the ridge ahead tossing Molotov Cocktails, and get ready to shoot another flying creature that emerges from him. Now focus your attention to a horde of zombies that will be coming your way shortly--target their legs from a distance, and save the Shotgun for when they get close. Continue around the corner to the stairwell and get ready for more enemies to pop through the door--Sheva should take care of most of them for you. Once clear, make sure to bust open a barrel in the lower path, then proceed through the door.

Inside, head left first to the bathrooms and kill the dude in the last stall, then grab the Handgun ammo from the ground and break open the barrel behind you. Now proceed further into the house and turn left at the table (with a Red Herb) to find a small room, with an enemy on the left and a barrel on the right. Now work your way to the staircase, ready for a enemy about to descend down it. As you approach the second floor, two more enemies will come at you from either direction--back down the staircase to funnel them right to you, for easy aiming. Before climbing the stairs to the 3rd floor, check the chair and balcony for a grenade each. On the 3rd floor, bust open a couple of barrels, then grab the nearby Green Herb and Handgun Ammo from the table.

On the 3rd floor balcony, there's a gap in the railing that allows Chris to throw Sheva to the neighboring rooftop. If Sheva has the rifle, be sure to grab it from her before throwing her across, as it'll come in handy. If you're playing two-player, have Sheiva bust open the barrels on the roof, before dropping to the floor below, which causes enemies to attack. While Sheva's collecting goods, have Chris drop off the right side to the balcony below and ready the rifle (or whatever else you have available). Once Sheva drops to the floor below, use the rifle to first shoot the explosive barrel along the back wall once a few enemies have gathered around it to quickly take them down. Now target the remainders as they climb the staircase toward Sheva--although the rifle is powerful, if you're having trouble aiming it, switch to the pistol instead. Once they're down, Sheva will automatically kick open the bottom-floor gate for you, in single-player. If you're playing with another person, they'll have to do it manually.

Although the gate's open, we suggest hanging out here and targeting a few remaining enemies who'll attack in a moment or two--once the music dies down, you'll know the coast is clear. Take the time to explore this side of town, just make sure to avoid climbing the far staircase until you're ready, otherwise you'll trigger the next action sequence. Check out the bottom-floor of the house Sheva was in to find a couple of crates, then exit out the back door and turn left to find another crate in the deadend. Now follow the alley the other way for a barrel, then look for a barrel behind the destroyed bus, and then a Green Herb at the base of the stairs.

Stocked up? Good, as you're about to face a maniac wielding a chainsaw, as well as an endless supply of zombies who'll continually attack until chainsaw guy is dead. But before we trigger their appearance, shoot down an electrical generator on the power pole, just left of the staircase (make sure you're standing a few feet back)--this baby will allow you to stun any nearby enemies simply by shooting it, and is very important during the chainsaw battle! But before we continue, we want to cover just a few basics regarding chainsaw guy:

  • 1) He's quite deadly. If he slices you with his chainsaw, it will either kill you out-right, or put you into the danger state. Keep your partner close so they can heal you, if need be.
  • 2) He also attacks very slowly. Even when he's up in your grill, it still takes several seconds for him to attack, giving you plenty of time to escape. Furthermore, you can actually run right past him without worry of being attacked--he's that slow!
  • He's also powerful, and can take quite a few shots. But even he's no match for an upgraded shotgun or rifle!

Now that you're ready, dart up the staircase to make the chainsaw-man appear, then dart back down, past the generator and turn around. Wait for him to get close, then shoot the fallen generator (you did shoot it down, right?) to stun him, and immediately lay into him with your shotgun, rifle, or grenades (those are the most effective weapons, though obviously anything will work). Once he recovers, continue to shoot him until he gets close, then run right past him (remember, his attacks are slow, so you'll be fine) and up the staircase a short ways--turn around and shoot the generator again once he gets close, then lay into him once more. Noticing a trend? In short, you can simply repeat this pattern (run past him, turn around, and shoot generator) repeatedly to take him down with ease. Now keep in mind that there are a few other zombies roaming about as well, thankfully, they have a tendency to group together and thus are easy to kill with the shotgun or grenades. In single-player, Sheva also does a pretty good job of keeping them off your back.

After killing the chainsaw guy, grab the Guard's Key he drops, then climb the stairs, unlock the gate, and open the chest ahead for some Gold and several treasures, before continuing through the far door.

Hey, it's a new area! Enter the small building on the left for a Green Herb, then use teamwork to open the gate on the right. Just beyond is an interactive cutscene involving a zombie motorcycle gang. Simply tap the buttons that flash on-screen quickly to ensure your survival.

Chapter 2-2: Train Station

Turn around to find a Green Herb, then grab some Handgun Ammo on the opposite shelf. Now exit outside and maneuver around the first train car. There's a trip wire up ahead, but don't shoot it yet--instead, inch closer and wait for a trio of dogs to appear, then shoot the trip wire to heavily damage the three dogs. Now back away and either toss a grenade or use your shotgun to take down whoever's left. There's another pack of dogs just around the next corner, and these guys can be a pain to deal with. Your best bet is to run to the far end of the corridor (make sure to shoot the trip wire though!), then climb the stack of boxes on the left (but don't climb the ladder onto the train!) The dogs will group together below--try tossing a grenade to easily take them down. Keep in mind that the dogs can still jump at you here, but this should buy you enough time to kill them before they you.

After putting the dogs down, back a few feet away from the ladder so you can target two of three archers on top of the trains--be careful, as a flying creature will pop out of one of them. Once they're down, climb the ladder to the train car and target a third archer on the left--get ready for another flying creature from him, too. Once all is clear, hop over to the train car on the right for some gold, then hop back over to the far once and continue through the hole in the fence. Shoot the trip wire blocking the way, then hop off the far ledge and into a mine car, which will begin moving--immediately target two more trip wires on the right before you run into then. After coming to a stop, hop out and look for some Gold further up the track before riding the Mine Car lift underground.

Hmm, this mine cart tunnel is awfully dark, isn't it? Luckily, there's a flashlight you can grab, just ahead. The only problem is that only one person can carry it, and it requires both hands, meaning they can't use any weapons. As such, we suggest having Sheva carry the flashlight while you forge ahead. Just make sure to grab the Green Herb on the right before pushing forward. At the fork in the road, head right first for a Red Herb, then continue down the left path. Prepare for an enemy upon reaching the shallow pool of water, and be ready for a parasite to pop out of his head--use the shotgun or grenade to destroy it. Prepare for a second enemy just beyond.

Up ahead is an intersection--wait in the current corridor for two enemies to attack, one from either side (the left one contains a parasite, as well). Once done, head right to find four barrels and crates, then head the opposite way.

BSAA Emblem From the bridge, look for a BSAA Emblem on the right cavern wall.
After crossing the bridge, use a shotgun or grenade to take down a trio of attacking enemies. At the next split path, prepare for two enemies attacking from the left, then explore both paths for several boxes and items (be careful! A box on the right contains a venomous snake, so perform a second slash immediately after breaking open the box to ensure you kill it before it harms you!). Get ready for another enemy attacking from the right, at the next intersection, then bust open the barrels and boxes in that very corner. Hug the left wall as you continue onward to find a secret tunnel (just before another split path) that leads to a chest containing a Diamond. Be careful as you bust open the nearby box, as another snake lurks inside.

Up ahead, you'll find a valve by a closed gate. The problem is that one of you needs to hold the valve open, while the other runs through to a second valve dead-ahead and holds that open, allowing the first partner to pass by the gate (otherwise it will slam shut). However, while the first partner is waiting for the gate to be opened, they're going to have to hold off several attacking zombies, so make sure they have ammo before leaving them alone. We suggest having Sheva twirl it open, while you dart ahead to the second valve--as soon as Sheva makes it through, slam the gate shut to prevent the enemies attacking her from making it through as well.

Unfortunately, your troubles have only just begun, as this chamber is full of enraged enemies. We found it's best to dart back down the tunnel you just came from, all the way to the closed gate. This will funnel the enemies right to you, providing plenty of time to aim. Now a few parasites will pop out on occasion--use the flash grenades you found earlier to take them down in one hit. If you run out, use the Shotgun or other grenade types. Once the enemies stop coming, you'll still have three archers or so to deal with on the higher walkways. If you have a rifle, you can target them from the tunnel opening, otherwise it's best to climb up to them via the ladders and tackle them at close-range.

Once clear, explore the room to find various barrels and crates on the walkways, and a Flash Grenade in a tunnel on the lower floor. After loading up, climb to the top floor and enter either tunnel (they both lead to the same place), but beware that there's a single enemy containing a parasite in the left half. Further up, you'll encounter a small room with four enemies, most of which are archers. We suggest hanging back in the tunnel and either peeking around the corner just enough so you can target one at a time, or lob a grenade in there to take them all down in one fell swoop. Once clear, catch a ride on the lift in the corner.

Outside, look for some Rifle Ammo and a Green Herb before climbing the stairs into the building. After the cutscene, a zombie will take control of a turret outside. Although you can take cover by the window, it's a poor location to target him from--instead, stay away from the window and quickly open the locker to find a Dragunov SVD Rifle, then look for Green Herb and Handgun Ammo nearby. Now head downstairs and take out two guys coming through the door (in fact, one may already be inside).

Exit through the door outside, but stay close by--the turret won't be able to target you as long as you stay by the door. In the meantime, you should aim for a couple of distance archers to the left with the sniper rifle (and if you really want to, look for another on a high ridge, behind the turret). If you're playing single-player, Sheva should automatically target several more distant enemies using whatever she has available--this will cause them to come after you, so wait for them to get close and use anything but the rifle to take them down (to conserve bullets). Okay, now it's time to focus on that turret. As you've probably noticed, he pauses for about 5 seconds to reload every now and then--wait for this, then move up to the fence bordering the cliff and target his exposed noggin from here. If you miss, back away and wait for the next pause.

With everyone down, climb onto a ridge, left of the turret, to find a chest with a Gem. You should also be able to target another enemy on the high ridge ahead from here. Continue up the path and look for some Rifle Ammo by the metal container, as well as the Handgun Ammo inside the shack. Now before climbing the ladder, look up to spot something shining on the cliff-wall, just right of the ladder--shoot it down for a Diamond. After climbing the ladder, an enemy will climb up after you, but he shouldn't pose any trouble. Now follow the ridge and drop off a couple of ledges.

After dropping to the main path, a horde of zombies will start heading your way from all directions. Your best bet is to collect the two cases of Handgun Ammo on the right, then back into the small alcove along the cliff-edge (next to the box) as far as you can, and target the enemies from here, saving the shotgun or grenades for when they get close. Beware, that several enemies will hop down from the box you're next to, but they'll land right in front of you so long as you're backed up enough, making them easy targets. Make sure to target the archers first (the rifle's great for this), followed by those carrying TNT (if you can, shoot the TNT directly to cause them to explode, taking down anyone nearby as well). Once things have quieted down, work your way up the mountain and kill the few remaining enemies. Also, after the first bend, hop to a ledge below on the left then look for a shining spot, left of the ladder, that can be shot to reveal a Diamond.

At the top of the path, you'll find a container blocking the path--use teamwork to push it from the rear, off the cliff. Up ahead, you'll find two barrels, as well as Handgun Ammo, Shotgun Ammo, and a Green Herb. Now that you're loaded, we actually suggest making sure that you have at least one open space in your inventory, as there's a boss battle coming up, and you're going to need a specific item you can find in the arena in order to tackle him. When ready, hop off the ledge to begin the battle.

Because this strange creature is like a cross between a Bat and a Scorpion, we'll now refer to him as Scorpion-Bat. Alright, so this boss's weak point is the soft, red flesh under his tail. Unfortunately, it's difficult to get to, particularly when he's crawling around, instead of flying. Thankfully, if you can manage to stun him, by using either proximity mines or flash grenades, he'll topple onto his side for several seconds, giving you easy access to his soft underbelly. And just so happens to be several proximity mines lying around, such as in the shacks up the hill (as well as in the barrels scattered by each). We suggest heading there first and quickly retrieving the mines. Now make sure to place some distance between you and the boss and plant the mine anywhere (ideally in the center of the path, but it doesn't much matter).

Now lure the boss to the mine's location to set it off, stunning him. Now whip out your most powerful weapon (shotgun or rifle, ideally) and lay into his exposed underbelly. Once he gets back up, back away and repeat. If you somehow run out of proximity mines before the battle ends, try tossing grenades--they'll inflict damage, and may even stun him! Barring that, you can also aim for his underbelly when he's flying, or by getting behind him while he's crawling around. Try to one partner distract him while the other gets behind him (if you're playing single-player, set Sheva to "attack"). As for Scorpion-Bat's attacks, most of them are close range, so by simply keeping your distance, you should be okay. However, if you're trying to shoot him from the rear, stand to either side of his tail to avoid acid spray.

Chapter 2-3: Savanna

You're now on a wild ride through the Savannah, desperately fighting off a gang of motorcycle zombies. While you have unlimited ammo, the gun will overheat if used too much, so make sure to release the trigger whenever there's not a zombie in your crosshair. The first portion is easy, just mow down the bikers. Now get ready to tap whatever button's shown on-screen to hold on during the tight corners (if you don't, you will take damage).

Now get ready for more motorcycles on the left, followed by a truck on the right--focus on this until it's destroyed. Then prepare to hold on as your vehicles races down the bumpy road. Subsequently, a second truck will appear on the right--if you're playing single-player, Sheva will take care of it for you, leaving you to focus on the motorcycles. If you're playing two-player, decide quickly who's handling what. Look out for more bikes on the right after, then get ready for more tight turns.

After the tight turns, two trucks will flank you on either side--focus on taking down the dudes in the right one first, then quickly turn your attention to the left (if playing two-player, take a truck each). Once both are down, turn your attention to the zombie bikers, then prepare to come to a stop as you tackle several zombies in front of a truck--target the explosive barrels in the background to both destroy them, as well as the truck, allowing you to continue on. Prepare for another truck on the right, then more zombie bikers from the same side.

After your ride through the savanna, you'll arrive in town at dusk, where you'll come face-to-face with El Gigante. For the most part, the tactics are pretty obvious: shoot whatever's coming your way. Start off by targeting El Gigante's head until he raises his foot, then immediately switch focus to it before he crushes you. Repeat as necessary until he stumbles backward, then aim for the explosive barrel on the left. This causes two parasites to reveal themselves, one on either shoulder--target them now. In the meantime, El Gigante may try various tactics to kill you, such as throwing boulders (shoot them to break them apart), or swinging trees at you (press the button shown on-screen to dodge). In addition, archers will appear on either side of the field--target them whenever you get a chance, as they're arguably more dangerous than El Gigante himself.

Once you've destroyed both parasites, a large one will pop out of his back--lay into it (now's actually a good time to target the archers, if you haven't already). Once the parasite retreats, aim for his noggin again to cause four more to appear--shoot them too, then target the large one on his back once more to take him down.

Chapter 3-1: Marshlands

Beast Slate 1/4 (South Side)

After stepping off the boat, grab the Beast Slate from the ground (the first of four), then bust open the vases on the left for goodies and shoot the skull on the pole to the left to find a Gem. Now hob aboard the boat in search of three more Slates, which you'll eventually use to unlock a door. Pilot the boat straight to the lake, then to the glowing point on your map--you'll find a Slate Map there, as well as the door you'll have to unlock. The Slate Map handily shows the location of the three other slates on your GPS Map. You can grab them in any order, but we suggest heading to the north-most one first.

Shaman Slate 2/4 (North Side)

After disembarking from the boat on the northern dock, bust open a trio of pots on the left side, then shoot a skull just above them to reveal an emeraldthen check out the nearby note for some hand-to-hand combat tips. Look for another pot in a small alcove on the right, then shoot the glowing spot on the skull, just outside the door of the first home for a Ruby. Now check out both homes for a pot each, then jump a fence on the right for another. Continue onward into the next section to find two more pots, then toss Sheva up the left tower for a treasure, then the right one for the Shaman Slate.

Unfortunately, the moment you grab the Shaman Slate, a ton of natives will attack. The absolute easiest (and most resourceful) way through this area is to run past them all, straight to the boat! As long as you keep running, you shouldn't take more than a single hit--hop aboard and set sail, and don't even worry about the stranded enemies, as they have nothing of value. If you really want to battle them though, we suggest darting into one of the nearby homes to funnel the enemies toward you, and use the shotgun or grenades to keep pushing them away from the door. If you're playing with a second-player, have them stay in the tower and use the rifle to pick them off from afar. But be careful, as one of the enemies has a clam-parasite inside him; aim for his legs to stun him, then target his lower extremities (legs or tail).

Back on the boat, set sail for your next destination--we suggest the one on the east side.

Raptor Slate 3/4 (East Side)

As you approach the eastern dock, watch out for a couple of towers that contain a couple of enemies: the first is on the right, the second on the left. If Sheva has ammo left, simply hold back and let her take them out--just make sure to back up if you see a flaming arrow coming your way. If Sheva has no ammo, hightail it straight to the dock (since the driver is unable to access their inventory and giver her anything)!

Once there, you'll find that the dock leads right into an alligator infested swamp, and if they snatch you in their jaws, it's game over! Thankfully, the gators can only attack head-on, meaning you can simply run past them so long as you stay to their side (and they can't grab Sheva at all, if you're playing single-player)! Head for the ladder on the exact opposite side (under the raised building), but look for a glowing Ruby on the right side of the entrance that can be grabbed. After climbing the ladder, head around the corner and hop through the window to trigger several enemies--quickly hop back out and attack them through the window (using either a gun or knife). Once clear, grab an egg from the shelf inside, then bust open a barrel.

Follow the walkway into a second house, which triggers an enemy that you should be able to kill through the window. Now bust open the vase and open the chest to find the Raptor Slate. Now backtrack across the swamp (watch out for the gators) to the boat, and make way toward the final Slate, to the west. Be careful, as there'll be more archers along the way, but you should be able to blow right past them.

Warrior Slate 4/4 (West Side)

The western dock can be found at the end of the long canal, inside the maze-like fence structure (enter it from the right and follow it around). Head inside the first building and break open the pot, then head around the backside to trigger a flood of enemies. Quickly backtrack down the ramp to the dock where you came from, which affords a great vantage point from which you can easily target the enemies at from a distance (pay particular attention to the ones coming through the window, as they'll fall back if shot while climbing, buying you more time to target the others).

Once clear, explore the area, such as the wooden platform down another set of ramps for a couple of vases, a Green Herb, and a chest containing am Idol. Now explore the two remaining buildings for a vase each, as well as the Warrior Slate inside a chest. Now backtrack to the boat and make way toward the glowing part on your map where you can use the four slates to unlock the door. However, on the way back, the natives will block your path, requiring you to take them all down before proceeding. Keep your distance and let Sheva take them down--just try to avoid the incoming arrows.

Once through the Slate door, follow the murky waters up to a pair of crows--shoot them if you wish, as one should drop some gold. Now be careful as you turn right around the next corner, as there's an archer at the top of the tower. After killing him, climb the stairs to the left leading toward a village. You'll soon come across a split-path, both leading to pretty much the same location. Now here's where it gets complicated: if you enter deep enough into town, a horde of enemies will attack, including two very tall and very strong enemies wielding spiked mallets. Even worse, if you (or worse, Sheva) ventures into the large hut on the right, you'll be ambushed by several archers. So here's our plan of attack: Stock up on goodies first, by entering the first shack on the left, checking behind it for some herbs, then explore the nearby house. Now venture inside the large hut on the opposite side via the entrance on the right to take care of the ambushing baddies (so they don't catch you off guard later).

As soon as you enter the large hut, a cutscene will show the enemies ambushing you from the walkway above. As soon as you regain control, back up to the wall behind you and move left a bit so you're under the walkway for protection, then strafe along the wall and target the enemies above one at a time. Once they're all down, quickly gather any dropped items, then make your way back to the base of the path you took into town and wait for the incoming rush of enemies, and boy there's a lot of them. As we mentioned earlier, amongst the many attack natives will be two large enemies--the trick is to stay away from them and attack from afar. Target their legs using whatever you have available--several sequential shots will stun them, allowing you to run in for a punch. Grenades are also effective, and can also be followed up with a punch.

In short, it's best to take on everyone from the main area of the village, running back and forth between the two sides to place some distance between you and them. We suggest starting off at the base of the ramps you took into town, then focus your sights primarily on the two large guys heading your way (shoot the other enemies in the legs to slow them down). Once the zombies get close, dart to the opposite side of the village by the closed bridge for some space and shoot them from here. Once they get close again, dart back to the base of the ramps and blast them some more--you'll want to retreat to the other side whenever the enemies get too close for comfort. Now we're not going to lie--this method will take some time, so try using grenades whenever you can to both inflict more damage faster, and help dwindle the amount of enemies (note: Flash grenades do not affect the large guys!). The Rifle is also an incredibly potent weapon, and deals a heavy amount of damage. Here's another tip: If the large guys get close, quickly shoot their legs several times to briefly stun them--at this point, you can either run up close for a punch, or retreat. If you run out of ammo, explore the nearby hut and check the map for a couple of branching paths for several vases and items.

With the area cleared, make sure to grab the treasure both of the big guys drop, then check out the town for any remaining items, such as some gold and vases down the left branching path, then take the one on the right (behind the large hut) and climb up the low wall. Look for a Jewel Beetle to the right of the closed door, then approach the crank on the left. We suggest cranking it yourself and let Sheva cross the bridge (since she knows where to go), where she'll then unbar the door to your right.

Continue through the unlocked door and explore both floors of the house for several bases, a Green Herb and Rifle Ammo. But be careful, as the two pots on the bottom floor contain a snake each, so perform an extra swipe to kill them afterward and reap the eggs they may drop. Once you've stocked up, return to the top floor and follow the thin bridge across to find a vase, then enter the tunnel and open the chest for a Ceremonial Mask. Now return outside and jump the gap on the right. Follow the path to another pair of vases, then board the sky tram (where are we, Disneyland?) and ride it to the other side.

Chapter 3-2: Execution Ground

Follow the walkway to a trio of vases, just before a cinema showing a prisoner being eaten by an alligator! Stay here, on this platform, as not only does it provide a great vantage point, but you also can't return to it once you hop down. If you have the rifle, use it to easily pick off the enemies ahead--lacking that, most any other weapon will work fine too. Once the zombies have learned of your presence, they'll come after you. Continue to try and pick them off at a distance as they head your way, but be ready to blast them when they get close, as they'll jump to your platform from the left (it's the only way in, so you shouldn't have much trouble). Make sure to keep an eye out for a couple of archers that appear on the platforms ahead and take them down ASAP, and prepare for a bat parasite to emerge from one of the downed enemies.

With the area cleared (for now), hop down, bust open a couple of vases, then follow the walkway past the ramp to a couple more. Now a few enemies will start working their way toward you--head to the ramp you just skipped and target them from there. Once clear, hop over a couple of platforms to cause a few more to appear. Target the archer first on the platform opposite your own, then aim for the remainders, who'll attempt to climb up to you via the ladder. Drop down when done and approach the red crank, on the right. If you're playing single-player, Sheva will automatically take control, leaving you to hop aboard the raft she'll pull along. Climb up the nearby ladder, then turn left at the walkway and follow it to the raft below. Once aboard, Sheva will pull you across (if playing with a second person, this amounts to them rotating the control stick quickly) while you'll have to dodge several attacking crocodiles by tapping both triggers at the same time when they're displayed on-screen. If you're having trouble with the timing, simply tap both triggers rapidly the entire way to ensure you dodge each and every alligator!

Once the raft comes to a stop, climb the ladder and kick the button to lower the bridge. Now unbar the door just ahead and follow the ramp back to the center platform and cross the lowered bridge into the cavern. After climbing up the second ledge, turn around and shoot the hanging light to reveal a Saphire.

Continue onward, to find a small camp surrounded amongst several patch grasses--there's some gold to be found within each, but be careful of the snakes lurking within! Check the tents too for a note, as well as a First aid spray, then bust open the barrels behind them. Finally, check the fallen oil barrels amongst the spilled oil for a Jewel Beetle. Now follow the path down into the refinery.

Upon entering the refinery, immediately target an archer on the platform to the left, and another enemy to the right (if you're playing single-player, Sheva will target them automatically). Afterward, drop down, look for a barrel immediately to your left, then get ready to shoot down a mob of zombies coming from ahead (a grenade can be quite effective)--you should be able to hold your ground, though you can retreat up the stairs if you need room. Once they're down, head up the staircase (and look for a potential archer on the right), bust open the barrels, then climb the ladder to a valve you can turn. Twisting it shuts off the flames blocking the path to the left, but it also causes four zombies to attack. Stay on the platform and back into the corner just behind you, then shoot the zombies as they climb either ladder to your platform to knock them back down--when you get a chance, target an archer on the platform to the left.

Afterward, drop down and cross the fire-free bridge. Bust open a couple of barrels, then climb the ladder and pull the switch to reveal a zip line--ride it to the other side (if you're playing two-player, give the rifle to your partner before riding the zip line). As soon as you arrive, a chainsaw baddie will suddenly appear! If you have the shotgun, you should have no trouble killing him by yourself--shoot him 'til he's stunned, then run up for the punch (or use that time to reload). If you're playing cooperatively, have your friend shoot the chainsaw guy using the rifle (or whatever else he has available) from the switch platform. If the player battling him runs into trouble, just hop off the ledge and dart through the facility to give yourself some distance.

With the chainsaw guy defeated, grab the Venom Fang he leaves behind, then twist the valve on that same platform (if you jumped off, re-ride the zip line to it) to disable one of two fire jets on the central walkway, then bust open the nearby barrels. Now time to turn that final valve! Reclimb the stairs to the central platform and look for another path off to the right--climb it to find a second switch (open the nearby barrel too!) that activates a second zip line. Ride it over and twist the valve to disable the flames once and for all, then unbar the nearby door. Predictably, a second chainsaw guy isn't too happy about this and will jump down right in front of you! Back up and lay into him like you did before. Again, grab the Venom Fang from his corpse then return to the central platform and cross the now flame-free bridge!

Unfortunately, as soon as you touch the other side, more enemies will bound in from just up the stairs. If you have a shotgun or grenades, you can tackle them from here--just watch out for the TNT guy. If you run into trouble, try backtracking to the central platform and climb the ladder, then target the enemies as they attempt to climb up after you. Once they're down, drop off the far side, bust open a pair of barrels, and continue through the door.

Hey, it's Sheva's old friend! He's going to try and get the lift working while you keep the zombies off his back. This room is seriously a breeze, but that's not going to stop us from finding the best method! From the get-go, turn right to find a small hall that leads no-where. Stand at the mouth of the hall, facing out, and shoot the zombies as they come into view. Don't worry about keeping them off Sheva's friend too much, as he can't die, and is fully capable of defending himself (plus he has unlimited ammo!). However, keeping the zombies off him does allow him to fix the lift faster, allowing you to escape the area and avoid two fat guys who are inbound. But if you have the ammo to spare, we actually suggest sticking around to gather the treasure they drop--because they're stronger than the rest, it's best to circle the room and attack them from a distance. If you run low on ammo at any point, bust open the barrels scattered about for a refill.

After stepping off the lift, immediately turn right and target the archers on the parallel walkway above. A few enemies may drop from the nearby ladder, lay into them as they recover from their drop. Now climb the ladder, bust open the barrels on the right, then prepare for an enemy to appear just ahead on the walkway, as well as two archers on the other side. Once they're down, drop from a nearby ladder, then climb the other on the opposite side. Now drop off the other side of the walkway to find a terminal that Sheva's friend will actively work on to unlock the nearby door.

Of course, as you've probably guessed, a bunch of zombies are about to attack, including a chainsaw maniac. Your best bet is to climb the ladder next to the locked door, then stand on the opposite end of the platform, facing across the way, allowing you to target the enemies as they come (a rifle can be quite handy here). But be careful, as chainsaw guy will soon leap onto your platform--you only have to keep him at bay for 30 seconds or so--until Sheva's friend unlocks the door--in the meantime, simply shoot him using whatever you've got (shotgun is best) and run past him whenever he gets close. Watch the ladder too for anyone else coming your way--a single shot will knock them back down. If you run out of ammo, just run back and forth continually--the chainsaw guy can't attack fast enough to get you. Once Sheva's friend opens the door, feel free to get a move on, though if you take the time to kill the chainsaw man, you will be awarded a Gold Ring.

Once through the door, follow the path to a window you can hop through for a couple of barrels, then continue onward to another door.

Out on the dock, head through the gate on the left first to find a couple of barrels down the stairs--oh, and see the boats down on the pier? Remember that location, as you'll have to go there shortly. At any rate, head to the opposite end of the dock, bust open a couple of barrels in a shack on the right, then get ready to watch a cutscene as you approach the ship. Okay, so here's the deal: You have to make it to the boats on the exact opposite side within two minutes, but you'll face heavy resistance along the way.

BSAA Emblem Just as the countdown begins, turn around and enter the shack behind you to find an Emblem on the right wall inside. Oh, and check the dock further back for some gold inside a briefcase.
From the get-go take down the first group of zombies--shotguns and grenades both work well, though any weapon should do in a pinch. Now climb the staircase, but stop just before the top--if you have the rifle, you can take care of a couple things to simplify your escape. First, aim for the lock on the gate just ahead--a single shot should knock it down, allowing you to quickly open the door. Now aim right just a bit and look for two explosives attached to trip-wires: One on the right-side of the staircase, the other on the railing just behind the gate (it's sa bit tricky to spot).

Once you've shot all three things, just run like the dickens through the door, down the stairs, and to the dock, ignoring the enemies along the way. If you don't have the rifle, take down a second group of enemies just before the gate, then quickly head through--this will trigger a fat guy and several dogs to emerge from the room ahead. It's best just to ignore them, and instead quickly shoot the trip-wire on the right, and a second just down the stairs, and hauling-ass to the dock. Once there, you'll catch a ride on a boat to safety…well, for a few moments anyway.

Chapter 3-3: Oil Field

Remember the jeep sequence? Same deal, only now you're on a boat. But at least you can move around a bit now. Start off by using the pistol or machine gun on the enemies on the right boat, then turn your attention to those on the left. Once they're dead (or after their boat backs away), turn around in preparation of more enemies on the various bridges and walkways you pass. But don't bother targeting the enemies themselves, instead shoot the explosive red cannisters all over the place to easily take them down.

Once your boat stops at the dock, stay on it and shoot a couple more cannisters and focus on taking down the flying bat-creatures, followed by a few zombies heading your way. Once clear, climb onto the dock and head right for a barrel, then follow the walkway in the opposite direction, across a gap, to find a switch on the far wall (bust open the barrels along the way). Pulling it opens a gate, allowing the boat to continue. However, several zombies will now attack as well-turn around and take them on from here. Start off by aiming for the explosive red cannister on the left and wait for a few zombies and the bat creature to group around it, taking them down in one hit. Now target a few others coming your way on the bridge, as well as a baddie wielding TNT on a high walkway just beyond. With them down, return to the boat and make way toward a second dock.

As you make your way toward the second dock, target more cannisters to destroy the enemy archers, and be ready to press the button shown on-screen to dodge two low hanging pipes. After pulling in to the second dock, bust open the barrels, grab the handgun ammo, then look for a green herb in the corner just ahead. Now right next to the herb is a wall you can take cover by--do it. As a ton of enemies are about to head your way, including two gunners on the walkway ahead. If you're quick, you can shoot them before they take control of the turrets. Failing that, take cover on the right side of the wall first and target the right gunner as soon as he stop shooting, then move to the left side and do the same for the second (if you don't have the rifle, the pistol or machine gun can work too, though aiming can be tricky).

Once the gunners are down, stay by the wall (though taking cover is no longer neccessary) and aim for the enemies coming your way from the right path first, but keep an ear out for a few who'll eventually attack from the left. Once the area's cleared, follow the walkway in either direction to find a pair of switches seperated by a gap you can jump--use teamwork to trigger both at the same time.

Items Galore Once things have quieted down, there's an entire section of this area rife with treasure that's extremely easy to miss. From the wall you took cover by, climb the ramp and jump off the opposite side to a wooden platform. Jump the gap, turn left, and jump another to find a Sapphire at the end. Now cross back over and explore the small building for an M3 Shotgun just outside, and Handgun, Shotgun, and Machine Gun ammo as well as a First-Aid Spray inside. In addition, make sure to explore the main walkways, both around and above the switches to find tons of ammo and a couple of herbs lying around.
Once you've activated both switches, several bat-creatures will start flying your way. Climb up either of the nearby ladders to the turrets above and use them to easily take down the bat horde. Now make your way back to the boat and prepare for an upcoming boss battle.

Oh that crazy Irving, why'd he have to go and turn himself into some crazy fish-boss? The basics are pretty simple: use any of the four turrets to target Irving's weak points. The two turrets on the back of the boat are machine guns, while the two closer to the front fire rockets. If you're playing single-player, you're going to have to assign a turret to Sheva, otherwise she won't use them (also, if she comes to restore your health, you'll have to assign her to one again). Perhaps the trickiest part of the battle is keep track of where Irving appears, so scope the left, right, and back sides of the ship constantly and move to the appropriate turret. The battle alternates between three stages: Tentacles, Irving swimming alongside the ship, and finally, Irving exposed.

During the tentacle stage, you'll spot four tentacles thrashing about--use any turret (though the rocket ones are best) and target the lightly-colored portion in the middle of each one to destroy them. Just be ready to tap the button displayed on-screen to evade the tentacle's attacks. Afterward, you'll typically spot Irving's new fish body in its entirety as he cruises along parallel to the ship--grab hold of a machine gun turret and aim for the soft-spot near his nose to inflict some damage. The third stage is where Irving himself appears at the back of the boat, fully exposed--this is when you can inflict the most damage by shooting him directly. But you will also have to deal with the tentacles as well, which you should destroy first so you don't have to avoid their attacks. After a couple rounds of this, he'll go down for good.

Chapter 4-1: Caves

Follow the dock through the small shack and destroy the two pots inside, and a vase on the other side. Continue through the cavern until several spiders emerge from the ground--these guys will try and jump on you and are a pain to get off (it's best to have your partner nearby so they can knock 'em off for you). Try backing up and use the shotgun or grenade to quickly take them down. As you approach the ladder, prepare for a couple more spiders, then bust open a barrel along the far wall before climbing said ladder. Watch out for another spider at the top, then bust open the barrels as you cross the land bridge.

Prepare for a horde of spiders a short way into the tunnel--a grenade's your best bet here. Before going through the door at the base, bust open the two skulls for an emerald and sapphire.

Through the door, drop down a couple of ledges (busting open the barrels along the way) to the ground floor, to a temple entrance. Open the container in the back of the first room for a ton of gold, then exit out the left and slash the lantern to find an emerald to a bridge, where you and Sheva will be forcibly separated. As Chris, hop from the broken bridge to the ground below and prepare for a few natives to attacks. We suggest backing up as much as you can and shooting their legs to knock them to the ground, preventing them from jumping toward you--if you have a grenade, now's a good time to use it. Make sure to take out an archer on a staircase to the right as well.

Continue up the stairs, ready for a few more natives around the corner (as well as one who'll attack from behind). Once they're down, break the barrel in the corner at the top. Around the corner, prepare for three more natives to emerge from the room ahead. Explore that room afterward to find more gold inside another container, then explore the adjacent room for a vase, a green herb, then slash the lantern on the ground for a sapphire and check the mummy in the corner for a ruby. . Follow the walkway to the intersection and turn right, then open the container at the end--wait, it's a trap! Get ready to tap the button shown on-screen during your fall for a safe landing.

After landing, you'll be ambushed from all directions. Your best option is to hightail it down the right path and put your back to the wall, targeting the spiders and natives that dare to get close--use grenades if you have them when they're bunched together. But be aware, that an enemy or two will pop out right next to you as well. Once clear, open the three chests at the trio of dead-ends for some treasure before proceeding through the door that opens.

BSAA Emblem Upon entering the next room, look for an emblem just above the door on the opposite side.
Upon entering the next room, stay on the platform and fire a shot at the enemies below--this should cause them to group together in front, allowing you to toss a single grenade to take them all out. If you're lacking grenades, target them with whatever else you've got. Beware, that they will attempt to jump up to your platform if they get close, so the faster you take them down, the better. Once clear, hop down and approach the wheel on the center podium--turn it to briefly open a far door. Run to it before it shuts, but be careful of the rolling fire balls that will appear as you approach the door--look for a gap between them and run through.

More time! To buy yourself some more time to make it through the door, skip the cutscene showing the door opening (by hitting the "back" or "select" button), which means the door will continue to open during the actual gameplay! Also, even if it looks like the door's about to shut before you get there, a last-second button prompt will allow you to slide through.

Once through the door, you'll enter a trap infested hallway. Simply tap the buttons shown on-screen to make it through without harm (during the running segments, don't worry about tapping the button too quickly--a moderate pace is fine).

After the hall, drop from the ledge and use teamwork to pull both ropes, revealing a staircase you can descend. Turn left at the base for a vase, then continue down a second staircase, turning left at the bottom, then left again to find a Grenade Launcher inside a briefcase. Now head across the hall to find a large statue with two ropes, separated by some debris. Examine it to have Sheva ready up for pulling the rope, then maneuver Chris to the other side to pull the second one (to get there, turn left inside the hall,, then left again).

After pulling both ropes, the statue will retreat into the wall (revealing a Sapphire on the ground), causing a staircase to rise. Climb it by backtracking from the direction Chris came. You'll find another statue at the top of the stairs, pull both ropes to cause a mess-load of stuff to happen, the most important of which includes a bridge you can now cross where the stairwell used to be. Before crossing it, grab the emerald in front of the now-recessed statue, then jump a gap on the right to a chest containing an idol. While crossing the bridge, you'll be ambushed by more natives! Back up into the corner just behind you (which will shield you from the archers) and blast the enemies from here. Once they're down, peek around the left wall and take down the archers. Now follow the path, careful of a few more zombies, to wind up at another statue with two more ropes that need pulling.
After pulling the ropes at the third statue, grab the revealed Topaz, then head right to the purple statue--investigate it to have Sheva in place to pull the rope while Chris looks for the second rope (make sure she has enough ammo before leaving, as she'll need it soon). (If you want some Flash Rounds, jump the nearby gap to find a chest containing them). As Chris, return to the previous statue and descend the staircase, then turn left into the room, where you'll find another statue with the second chain. As you enter, both Sheva and you will be attacked by enemies. We suggest taking residence in the corner directly opposite the statue, and target the enemies coming from where you just entered--watch out for a few spiders who'll emerge from around the base of the statue as well. Once clear, pull the statue's chain to cause more stuff to rearrange.

Now head to the room just across the hall to bust open a few vases, then look for another statue on this same floor directly opposite of the one you just triggered. This will create a final staircase leading the heck out of this room…finally! Grab the Ruby from in front of the statue. As you try to leave, your old friend, the scorpion-bat will attack once more! Now there are actually two ways to killing this guy:

  • The easy way: You want easy? We'll give you easy! Simply run up the nearby staircase to the very top (you can find it just right of your starting location--check the map), then tap the button shown on-screen to out-run the scorpion-bat, resulting in him being crushed! Super easy! The only problem is there's no reward for killing him this way.
  • The slightly less easy way: Kill him like you did before. That is, use either mines or grenades to force him onto his side, then lay into his underbelly with your most powerful weapon. Because your weapons should be significantly stronger than they were before, the battle should be a quick one.

Chapter 4-2: Worship Area

Climb the staircase, making a pit stop in a small alcove on the left for a pair of vases. At the top, you'll find a door that requires three objects in order to open. There are a couple of paths by the door that lead elsewhere: let's take the one on the right first.

After climbing down a short staircase, an enemy will activate a sunlight powered laser beam that'll rip along the path every few seconds (even taking out the nearby enemy!) In order to venture down, you'll have to take cover inside the alcoves along the way. Start off by crossing into a small room directly opposite of you current location, which will safely take you a few yards up the path. Now continue forward, ducking into the alcoves on either side until you can enter the tunnel on the right at the very end.

After entering the tunnel, prepare for a couple enemies around the corner. Now just up ahead is a staircase leading to several foes--get their attention (standing by the base of the stairs should do it), then head back down the hall and put your back to the wall, facing the staircase corner. This way, you can tackle the enemies as they descend the stairs, as well as several who'll drop in from above. Be patient, as some of them are a bit slow. Once they stop coming, approach the stairs and target the enemies at the top of the stairs who haven't yet attacked--if you have the rifle, now's a good time to use it. Make sure to take down an archer in the back as soon as you can. Once they're dead, you're not in the clear yet--go up the stairs slowly and look to your right to find another archer on a high ledge.

With the enemies down, climb the stairs dead-ahead to grab the Earth Emblem. Now head back down the first staircase and climb up another set on the left. Bust open a couple of vases, and be careful you don't cross into another sun-beam ahead. Carefully work your way up that walkway, taking cover in the alcoves along the way, like before. Bust open a vase at the end, then head right to find a hidden path containing another vase, as well as a lantern you can break for an Emerald.

Now approach the ramp leading to another walkway--this one with criss-crossing sun-beams! Wait for them to dissapate, then quickly hightail it to under the arch just ahead. Shoot a glowing spot in the ceiling for a Ruby, then hightail it up the path (once the sun-beam's finished its thing) to the far side (ignore an area on the left for now, you'll be back shortly).

At the end of the walkway, you'll find a broken bridge that you can throw Sheva across. As soon as you do, she'll come under attack--thankfully, you can help take down the enemies from your present location. If a parasite emerges, focus your efforts on him. After a few moments, Sheva will grab the Sky Emblem, then will rejoin you bu hopping down to your right…followed by several enemies, including one of the tall, mallet-weilding natives. Hold your ground and try to take them on from here--rifles, shotguns, and grenades work best. If the tall enemy gets close, dart past him to the other side for some room and continue your attack.

Now that you have two emblems, head back across the nearest sun-beam walkway, and duck into the area on the right (the one you skipped earlier). Grab the Green Herb by the entrance, then climb down the stairs within to another sun-beam path--dart up it like you have before (look for a Topaz inside a lantern in a far right alcove). Take cover in the short, protected section, just before another sun-beam walkway. Head left first for some vases, then head the opposite way and duck into an area on the right.

See the burning structure ahead? There are three archers at its base that you can pick off with the Rifle. Watch out for a few enemies who'll come after you from the main walkway, however. Once clear, follow the path, head right for a couple of vases, then continue further Sea Emblem. But predictable, grabbing it causes more enemies to appear, including another tall-guy! Get ready for them by waiting at the base of the stairs--if you have any grenades left, use them now to help thin the crowd, and deal heavy damage to tall-guy. If he gets close, back up, while peppering him with your strong weapon.

Tip! If you have any proximity mines, try planting them along the path just before the stairs leading up to the structure--they can be quite effective in taking down the tall-guy.

Now that you have all three emblems, it's time to put them in the door--which is actually nearby! Simply exit the area and climb the staircase ahead and turn left--ta da! Insert the emblems into the door and climb the staircase beyond to a big door--but look for a shiny spot just above that can be shot for a Diamond.

Through the door, look for a snake slithering around that can be shot for an egg. Now climb down the stairs and go through the door to find a giant room with several mirrors--the first of three. In order to get through these rooms, you'll have to reposition the mirrors so the beam is cast onto the circular plate in the corner (the beam is quite deadly, so don't ever cross it--and make sure Sheva's out of the way before repositioning the mirrors). Thankfully, this first one's easy--just head around the room counter-clockwise to the mirror closest to the circular plate. Grab hold of said mirror and spin it left to cast the beam onto the plate, which activates the lift it's resting on, allowing you to ride it down a level.

On the second level, a neaby pillar is blocking the beam--get close and kick it down. Now grab hold of the second mirror (the last one to receive the beam) and spin it right, so it's now facing a third mirror, which bounces the beam to a fourth--grab that mirror (in the far corner) and spin it left, beaming onto a fifth mirror on the opposite side. Head over there and knock over the pillar, allowing the beam to activate the lift in the corner, which you can now ride down another level.

On the third floor, ignore the chest in the middle, regardless of how tempting it may be--there's nothing inside, and it will instead cause two massive spider swarms to flank you. At any rate, grab hold of the second mirror (the last one the beam's currently hitting) and spin it right once so it hits a third mirror. Grab hold of the third mirror and spin it right as well to hit a fourth. Now grab the fourth mirror and spin it right once too to shine the beam onto the circular plate, causing the doors on either side to open. Check inside the room behind you first for a Gold Beetle then check out the room on the opposite side for a ton of vases (but be careful of a couple of snakes inside) as well as an Idol. Now you're not done with the mirrors yet! Grab the fourth one again and spin it left once, then grab the center mirror and spin it left as well. Now grab the fourth mirror once more and spin it right, casting the beam onto the fifth mirror, which reflects it onto the lift, which you can now ride down.

BSAA Emblem Head through the open doorway (where you'll find a poor soul who fell into a trap) and look above the entrance for an emblem.

Walk forward, towards the flowers--ooh, look, chapter complete!

Chapter 5-1: Underground Garden

Head left around the flower garden to find a Jewel Beetle by the water purifiers, then climb up the nearby staircase and head down another on the left, leading into a tunnel. Check out a document just right of the door before heading through.

Hmm, what a strange place for a research facility! At any rate, enter the door on the left first to find a couple of crates, handgun & machine gun ammo, an incendiary grenade, and several documents. Exit back into the hall and grab the Green Herb before heading through the door, into a room full of encased flowers. Grab the shotgun shells from the corner, then exit through the door.

Follow the hall (busting open the box along the way) to the valve, which can be turned to open the door. Pull the lever inside to open the shutter, revealing a glass window. Use your knife to break through and continue up the hall. When you reach the caged animals, check out the exact opposite corner for a Green Herb, then venture down the nearby hall, with your shotgun at the ready, as two "Lickers" are about to break through the glass and lunge at you. The shotgun is the most effective weapon at close-range (grenades aside, but you should hold onto those for now), but if put some distance between you and them (such as by running to the other side of the cage room), the rifle can be highly effective as well.

About Lickers Why are they called lickers? Because they like to lick things (and not just PSPs). They can lash out with their tongue from several meters away, holding you in place. While you can shake it loose, it's much faster to have your teammate help you out, so try to keep them close at all times. Of course, it's best to avoid the tongue all-together, which you can easily side-step if you can spot the attack in time.

With both Lickers down, enter the room they escaped from and continue through another valve-door. Bust open the box ahead, then enter the first door on the right to find a small room containing a red herb, gold (inside a safe), and an AK-74 MG inside a suitcase. Exit back into the hall and look for some handgun ammo before climbing a staircase. Bust open the box, then continue to the far door, which requires teamwork to open.

Alright, now here's where it gets tricky: on either side of the hall is a room full of Lickers--and we mean a lot of them. However, at the end of the hall is an elevator, but it'll take a few moments for it to arrive. Now, as you probably guessed, the Lickers are about to bust through the glass and chase after you. While you can attempt to battle them all, it's a colossal waste of ammo, and there's no guarantee you'll succeed. Instead, it's far easier to hightail it down the hall, bust through a door that requires teamwork, then "investigate" the elevator to call it. Now while you're waiting, turn around and shoot the lickers to keep them at bay--toss a grenade (or use the grenade launcher if you have it) whenever they bunch together to quickly take them down. As soon as the elevator opens, hop aboard and use teamwork to ride it the hell out of there!

After riding the elevator, grab all the ammo you can from the racks ahead, then make your way through the corridor, where a boss fight awaits--just make sure you're ready to dodge his very first attack during the cutscene to avoid taking damage!

This battle's actually quite simple. Start off by targeting the soft, red spot halfway up on either one of his front legs (shotgun's preferred, but anything works). Try to stay as close to the leg as you can to avoid most of his attacks. After a few shots, the boss will drop to the platform, stunned. Now run up to his head and get ready to inflict some damage--if you have any hand grenades, simply get close and press the button displayed on-screen to toss one into his mouth and inflict massive damage (note: the grenade does not need to be equipped, it just has to be in your inventory). If you don't have any hand grenades, lay into him with your most powerful weapon, such as the Shotgun. Rinse and repeat for the remainder of the battle. You can also find a hand grenade, as well as a green herb surrounding the central structure.

Occassionally, the boss may take to the ceiling and unleash a small horde of flying insects--don't sweat them too much. But if you run low on ammo, taking them down is a good way to replenish supplies. That aside, the only other main attack you have to worry about (as long as you stay away from his mouth) is an occasional claw swipe, which can be avoided by tapping the button shown on-screen.

Chapter 5-2: Experimental Facility

Cross the bridge dead-ahead and continue through the door. Bust open some boxes on the right, then head through another door. Now here are where things start picking up, as the enemies ahead are packing heat (guns, that is) and can take you down in seconds, so taking cover is essential. Dart down the stairs and take cover by the two boxes (by pressing the button displayed on-screen) and use your pistol to quickly pick off the three enemies ahead (try shooting each a single time, to delay them, then go in for the kills). Once they're down, dart up to the doorway and take cover on either side to target a few more inbound enemies through the door ahead--if they open fire, let go of the aim button to assume the cover position for safety. Once clear, grab the green herb from the box within, then proceed through another door.

After heading through the door, take cover by the corner dead-ahead and target a gunner on the right. Now there's still one left--make sure he's not shooting, then strafe right a few feet to target him next. Dart to the boxes just ahead for cover and focus your attack on more inbound enemies--if they get close, dash back to the door you just came through and target any that come your way, then use the corner for cover as you pick off the rest. Once clear, look for some machine gun ammo on the left side of the room, then a small passage further up on the same side. As you enter, prepare for a single enemy to drop from the busted staircase ahead, then turn left to find a couple of boxes as well as a red herb. Finally, use teamwork to open the door leading out of this room.

Break a couple of boxes ahead then approach the next corner. Just around it are several gunners, as well as an enemy about to run your way. Because it's too difficult trying to target the coming your way, while dodging the gunners, it's best to retreat back down the hall and kill the loner as he turns the corner--but be careful, as a parasite will pop out of him. Once he's down, take cover by said corner and target the closest gunner first, then another behind and above. Once they're down, strafe to the right and look for a third on the far left. Now if you have a rifle, you can actually target a distant fourth through the gap in the metal sheets.

Once they're down, bust open some boxes on either side of the lower floor, then climb the right staircase and take cover by the jutting wall just ahead. Immediately target a red, explosive barrel on the left side to take down a group of charging enemies, then target the nearby gunners. A few more await ahead, across the gap--your best bet is to run and take cover by the boxes directly opposite them, then target the explosive barrels behind them for instant win. Now board the elevator in the back and ride it deeper into the facility.

After riding the lift, bust open the box and grab the green herb ahead, then continue forward a bit and look for a box to the right. Now just around another corner is a hall full of Lickers--yay! If you want the easiest and most resourceful way through, just run past all of them, weaving around as you go, to a door you can open using teamwork! Because the Lickers are slow to respond, you should be able to make it without taking any damage! If that's too easy for you, it's best to stay back as far as you can and use your most powerful weapons on them--rifle is great from a distance, while you'll want to use the shotgun at close-range. Remember to side-step if you see them rear-back, as they're about to fling their tongue toward you. Use grenades when they bunch together, or even better, plant proximity bombs if you've got 'em. Around the corner, are quite a few more that'll come out of the woodwork--use the same tactics here, but keep in mind that you now have an entire hallway you can backtrack down if they get too close for comfort. Once clear, head through the door at the end.

Okay, you won't have to worry about any more lickers for a while! Head to the end of the walkway and bust open a pair of boxes before hopping to the ground below. Immediately target a couple of enemies to your left, then take cover by the closest steel wall. Peek around the right side to target the enemies you can see, then move to another steel wall to your left for a better vantage point to target the remaining, including a few on the high walkways to the left (aim for some explosive barrels on the top floor). Now bear in mind that one of the enemies will continually throw flash grenades at you--they don't hurt, but they are damn annoying. Once things have quieted down, climb a ladder at the end of the walkway and hop off the opposite side.

After dropping, head left first to find some boxes, but kill the grenade thrower atop the staircase to the left before opening them. Now head the opposite way, bust open a box along the back wall, then climb up the platform and hop onto the conveyor belt. Run down the center to avoid the boxes and climb onto a ledge on the right.

Ignore the lever and climb up the stairs to a gate you can bust down with teamwork. Once through, quickly grab a green herb, handgun ammo and a crate. Now before hopping onto the conveyor belt, target an enemy on the nearby walkway, then hop down. Run up the center of the conveyor belt, targeting the enemies on the walkways above as you go (use the explosive cannisters to kill the guy on the center one). As you near the end of the walkway, several enemies will dart after you from ahead--shoot the barrels they're running past on the conveyor to deal with them easily. Once clear, climb onto the left platform and descend the stairs.

After climbing down the stairs, look for a couple of boxes adjacent to them, then continue along to find an incendiary grenade and a SIG 556 MG inside a briefcase on the tables ahead. Climb the staircase up to the platform (ignore the switch for now--you have to restore power first), then turn right and head up another. Continue straight ahead and follow the arrow down another set of stairs and continue along the path (you'll find some machine gun ammo on one of the boxes along the way. After climbing another staircase, you'll find a pair of switches--skip them for now and instead grab the red herb and contents of the four boxes just beyond. Now that you're stocked, use teamwork to pull both switches, restoring power to the switch you passed earlier.

With the switch powered back on, work your way back to it via the same route. However, as you close in on it, a new type of insect-like creature will make its grand appearance. These things are quite deadly, as their one-hit-kill attacks suggest. As such, it's best to turn around and put some space between you and him. Now aim for the glowing white section on his front, exposing another on his backside--continue to target it until he's down for good. Just remember to keep your distance and back up if he gets close, otherwise it's game over. Grab the Power Stone he drops and continue onward to the switch.

Activate the switch to get the conveyor belt moving. Now wait for a box to pass by, then run along the conveyor, going the opposite way it is, and climb up onto a platform on the right (you might have to dodge aside for another box or two to cruise by, otherwise it'll push you into the flames on the other side). But be careful of the corpses along the way--the ones still moving will grab you, and they can't be killed. Oh, and if you're looking for treasures, you can find two Dead Bride's Necklaces that'll cruise along the far side of the conveyor belt every now and then. Once off the conveyor, bust open a pair of crates ahead and then climb the stairs to a door.

Uh-oh, bet you can guess what that goo on the walls mean--another boss fight's coming up! After dropping from the ledge, break the boxes on the right then grab the handgun ammo from the far corner, then use teamwork to get through the door, where the boss awaits.

The battle's actually pretty similar to the first time you battled this guy, only instead of an Incinerator Room, you have to use a flamethrower instead, which can be found on the wall, opposite the chair. The only catch is that you'll have to wait for it to refill, a proceed which takes about 1 minute. In the meantime, keep your distance from the boss (he's really slow, though he can rematerialize elsewhere--if you see the eel's swarming around, you know he's about to appear there) and take the time to knock over the three explosive cannisters like before. Now lure him to one of them so he absorbs it into his hulking body.

Grab the flamethrower as soon as it's full (as indicated by the chime and green lights) and use it on the boss, targeting the explosive cannister inside him first, heavily damaging him, then spraying the rest of his body, targeting the lightly colored joints. Don't let up until you've fully depleted your pack, at which point you can place it back on the wall for another refill (again, this will take a minute). Now lure him to another cannister and repeat the process. Once you've exhausted the three explosive cannisters, simply continue to ignite them without him--he should have taken enough damage by now that it doesn't require much more work to finish him off for good. As for his attacks, most can be dodged by keeping your distance, or by tapping the button shown on-screen to evade.

Chapter 5-3: Uroboros Research Facility


This section contains some plot spoilers. Read at your own risk.

With the boss down, exit through the northern door and climb the ladder to a split path. Head left first to find a sapphire inside a safe, as well as handgun & shotgun ammo on a desk. Now head down the right path, grabbing the machine gun ammo before exiting through the far door.

Turn right up ahead for a few crates, then continue down the hall through a yellow door. Immediately take cover by the wall and target the two gunners on the opposite walkway. If you need ammo, check the boxes on the right for more. Once they're down, follow the walkway to the next wall and take cover to target two more enemies on the same walkway. Just after, another one of those insect-dudes will drop from the ceiling--kill him like before by targeting the exposed white part on his belly and back.

Hurry along to the next cover point and stay here--while you can target the gunners on the walkway just beyond the wall, it's best to hold off and turn your attention to several enemies now coming your way from the walkway ahead (where the gap is). Once they're down, go for the gunners! Subsequently, jump the gap and continue along walkway to a yellow door, leading into a small room with a ton of ammo, a H&K PSG-1 inside a suitcase, as well as a switch that you need to pull in order to activate a console just outside.

With the console powered on, exit the room and run straight ahead, as another insect dude is about to drop in behind you (by the door). Turn around and take him down like the others. Now as you approach the powered-on console, several enemies will drop onto a platform now heading your way. Whip out your rifle and target them from here--aim for the two TNT guys on either side first, then the big dude. If you can't take them out before the platform arrives, back away for some room and attack from a distance.

Once they're down, only one of you will be able to ride the platform to the other side. We prefer sending Sheva (make sure to grab the rifle from her beforehand if you don't have one), allowing us to target the enemies attacking her from a distance. Aim first for a gunner way to the right (he can be hard to spot), then keep another two enemies off of her while she activates a lever, returning the platform back to you, allowing you to cross over as well.

Once you've crossed over, follow the walkway to the right for a couple of boxes, then head the other way--as you do, several enemies (including rocket-launchers!) will emerge on the opposing walkway. Hustle over to the steel wall ahead and take cover by its left side first to target a few enemies heading your way. Once they're down, back away from the wall (but stay behind it) and use the rifle to pick off the rocket-launchers one by one by peeking around the right side (aim for their legs, as they have armor protecting their torso). If you're having trouble targeting them, you can move up to a second wall ahead which might provide a better vantage point for you. Be ready for a few more enemies who'll come your way at some point though.

Once everyone's dead, continue along the walkway to the small control room, but don't enter through the door! Instead, follow the walkway to a series of windows, allowing you to get the drop on the enemies inside--if you have a grenade, try chucking one or two in for a quick victory, otherwise lay into them with whatever you've got. But be careful, as the enemies can exit the room to either side of you, so be ready for them if they escape. Once it's cleared out, head inside for a green herb and Royal Necklace, then exit through the door, down a hall to another.

Grab the green herb ahead, then bust open the crates before climbing down the spiraling stairs ahead to the circular platform. Turn right at the base and use teamwork to pull both switches on either side of the monitor. This will causes the platform to spin and being its long ascent to the top of the room. However, the platform's journey will be brought to an abrupt stop several times by enemies manning levers on the platforms surrounding the room's perimeter--even worse, they're equipped with guns. As such, it's best to take cover behind the central column and ready your rifle--let the platform's natural spin handle your horizontal aim, while you focus on the vertical, making sure your crosshair will properly spin across the enemy, then just pull the trigger to take them out. After each shot, retreat back behind the column and repeat. Now the platforms themselves can be a bit tricky to find, so make sure to look both high and low (if they're below you, you'll have to look over the edge of the platform). Once at the top, four enemies will attack from the walkway--like before, stay behind the central column and peek around either side to take them down one by one. When finished, follow that walkway to a door.

Follow the tunnel to the ancient ruins. Explore the area for some goodies, such as two crates by the lift on the left (look for some rifle ammo behind it), one by the raised bridge, then another pair by the locked building on the right. Your eventual goal is to lower the bridge, but the controls are inside the locked room! In order to get to them, you'll have to ride the lift after powering it on via the lever right of the bridge, then drop through a hole in the room's ceiling. Now only one person can ride the lift, but it doesn't really matter which, though whoever stays behind should be given the rifle.

If you're the one who rode the lift, you'll have two lickers to deal with a few feet up the walkway--use either a shotgun or grenade to take them down. Now here's where things get interesting: whoever rode the lift has to push a far container off a ledge, allowing them to drop into the locked control room and pull a lever, lowering the bridge. However, a ton of lickers will chase after them during this process. But here's the thing: as long as you haul-ass to the box and keep on pushing it relentlessly, the lickers shouldn't be able to catch you! But bear in mind that it does take about a minute or so to push the box, so don't freak out. As soon as the box topples over the ledge, drop through the hole on your right, then immediately activate the lever on the right to lower the bridge! Now hightail it the heck out of that room and cross the bridge and through the door (don't stop, as those lickers will be close behind!) Now if you sent Sheva to do the dirty work, use the rifle to help take down any lickers that may be chasing after her while she shoves the box.

Oh look, it's your old friend Wesker! In short, you're going to have to stay alive for seven minutes…and that's it. There's no point to battling Wesker or Jill directly, as neither can be killed. Instead, all you have to do is evade their attacks and not die, and you'll be golden seven minutes later. As such, we found the easiest way to do this is to simply run laps around the lower floor. That is, run along the wall behind the pillars, then cross the room to the other side and run behind its pillars, and repeat--over and over for seven minutes! Because of your continuous circle running, Wesker will generally stay near the center of the room, keeping you out of harm's way. As for Jill, she'll have trouble tracking you with her gun since you're constantly on the move. Granted, this method isn't very exciting, but it gets the job done. If you want a bit more fun, try exploring some of the nearby halls and whatnot--just keep an eye on Wesker (he appears on your map) and try to stay away.

Once seven minutes have elapsed, you'll have to take Jill on in a battle--but don't shoot her! The goal isn't to kill her, instead you need to remove the glowing object on her chest! Join her on the main floor (where you were running laps) and try to approach her from behind--a prompt should appear, allowing you to grab her--now quickly tap "A" (360) or "X" to hold her in place while your partner runs up and tries to pull (or shoot it) off. Likewise, if your partner grabs her, approach from the front and tap tap "A" (360) or "X" to try and rip it off herself. On occasion, either you or your partner may wind up knocking Jill to the floor-0quickly approach and tap the button shown on-screen to try ripping it off while she's stunned. Simply keep repeating this until you finally succeed in tearing it off (it will take several minutes).

Chapter 6-1: Ship Deck


This section contains some plot spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Hop down to the lower deck, bust open the boxes ahead, then climb the stairs. Hold back and shoot the four enemies heading your way--some are wearing body armor, so target their arms or lower legs. Once they're down, look up high to find a TNT-tossing foe on a circular balcony--take him down too. Continue up the staircase, then the ladder. Climb a second ladder up to the deck above to find a box as well as rifle ammo, then hop back down and drop to the floor ahead.

Climb another ladder dead-ahead first to find a green herb on the left, and several boxes on either side. Now hop back down and climb the nearby stairs…backwards, facing the ladder you climbed a few seconds earlier. That's right, backwards. Why? Because as you step onto the stairs, two dogs will pop out of a box you passed mere moments ago, and they'll be joined by two guards further up the path--in short, you're surrounded. However, you can easily battle them by quickly climbing the ladder just ahead (hence why we had you climb them backwards, that way you're already facing the ladder). The dogs won't be able to get you from here, and you can easily shoot the two guards off the ladder if they try to follow you up.

Once you've cleared the area, hop back down and climb the stairs proper, but prepare for a fat guy on the other side. Once he's down, stay by the staircase to funnel two more dogs and an enemy your way--use the shotgun to take 'em out. Prepare for one more enemy as you venture between the boxes, then look for a red herb and flash grenade on a left ridge. Now drop into the area ahead, break open the two boxes, then continue along the path between the boxes.

Turn right and look for a box down a dead-end to the left, and continue onward to find a green button that can be pressed, raising a platform revealing a path. Head on through to find a closed gate requiring a keycard--time to find that card! Break open the boxes ahead before climbing the ladder. Use teamwork to push the container out of the way, then drop into the pit.

Regardless of who drops in first, Sheva will find herself trapped inside a cage, while Chris will have to pull double-time to keep the enemies off his back--luckily, Sheva can and will help by shooting at them from her cage. As Chris, it's best to back yourself into a corner (we found the one to the right of the cage--assuming you're facing it--to work best). From here, get your shotgun ready and attack the enemies dropping in from your left, as well as those ahead. After a few moments, an enemy carrying a shelf will drop in right in front of you--take him down, but prepare for a clam-parasite to emerge out of him! Toss a flash grenade if you've got one for a quick win, otherwise back the hell away and shoot his legs or tail from a distance--once he's down for good, he'll drop the Crane Keycard.

Once you've grabbed the Crane Keycard, look out for one more enemy inside the top, far box, then shoot the green button right next to it (left of the cage) to raise a second platform, allowing you to escape this area. Once through, use the keycard to open the locked gate to the left and climb he stairs within, ready for an enemy about to attack from the right. Once he's down, look left and target an enemy atop the ladder ahead, before climbing up them to a control panel--look for an enemy just right of it. Activate the control panel to raise the cage Sheva's trapped within.

With Sheva freed, hop back down the ladders, turn right down the stairs and continue through the gate and down the path, back to the pit. Once there, turn left and climb the ladder behind where the cage was to regroup with Sheva, then bust open a box on the right and look for a green herb by the sandbags ahead. Now head straight across the yellow platform ahead, and jump across the containers around the corner to find a safe at the far side containing gold. Immediately turn around and get ready to target a few enemies dropping onto the container ahead, from the left.

Afterward, hop back across to the far side and enter the area on the left, where two fat guys will attack. Use the shotgun to take them down, and don't be afraid to jump the gap or hop into the pit if they get close. Once they're finished, jump the gap if you haven't already and bust open a few boxes, then stand atop the green platform. Wait here until Sheva shoots a nearby button, causing the platform you're on to rise. Return the favor by shooting the button on the right side of her platform.

Now turn around and get ready to kill five dogs that'll hop out of a box above, one by one. They're pretty dumb, so they should be easy targets. Once they're dead, bust open a couple of nearby boxes, then hop down the ladder. Drop off the left side first and shoot the green switch to reveal another path, but ready the shotgun for an attacking dog. Then head through and grab the gold from the safe. Now head back up the ladder and down the other side and climb the staircase beyond. Break open a few more boxes, then climb another staircase to a door.

Inside, grab the flash grenade, hand grenade, and green herb from the shelves. Now climb down the staircase and look for a couple of boxes at the base before hopping down the hatch at the end of the hall. Proceed down the much-too-long staircase and break open three boxes at the bottom and open the briefcase for a Jail Breaker SG. Continue through the door at the end of the hall.

Explore the room to find 2 packs of rifle ammo and a green herb by the door, before heading through into a hallway. Hold back in the hall and target the far enemy through the doorway (rifle works best, but most weapons should work). As soon as you hit him, an alarm will sound setting the others on high alert--make sure that first zombie is dead, then prepare for one to come your way through the door shortly. Once he's down, approach the door and target a third enemy on the high platform, about 30 degrees to the left. Once that first group is down, take cover by the railing and target the pleothra of enemies below--aim for an explosive cannister on the left or toss grenades.

Once they're down, drop off the far side of the walkway and take cover by the closest box to target a few more gunners who'll appear in the nearby boxes, as well as on the walkway you dropped from. As you push forward, a cutscene will show more enemies storming in--retreat back to the box you just used and tackle most of them from here. Once you've cleared the area, look for a couple more hard to spot enemies beyond a couple of crates, just past the open hatch. Now before hopping down the hatch, look for a green herb and machine gun ammo on either side of the room.

After hopping down the hatch, be careful as you traverse the halls for a few enemies and gunners who may pop around the corners. Also, prepare for a clam-parasite to pop out of the enemy who hops down the far ladder--toss a grenade at his feet if you've got one (flash are best, though any will inflict massive damage). Climb up the ladder and head right to collect the goodies there, including two incendiary grenades, shotgun shells, and a red herb. Stocked up? Good, as trouble's coming. Push forward a bit to cause a minigun-toting baddie to appear, who's probably one of the most challenging enemies yet!

First off, his minigun is damn deadly and he only gives a second or two of warning before starting it up, so make sure you seek cover! Either stand behind a tall obstacle, or press the cover button to hide behind a low one. Unfortunately, there's no one good method to defeating him, as it largely depends on what you have in your inventory. As such, here's a list of tips that we found to be quite effective, regardless of what items you have collected before the battle:

  • Grab the proximity mine: There's a proximity bomb on a box, near the hatch you emerged from, but you can only grab it after trigger the minigun guy's appearance. Because he doesn't start firing right away, grab it, then take cover by the nearby low wall.
  • Shoot the explosive cannister:Shortly after the minigun guy appears, seek cover behind the nearby low wall and wait for get ready to shoot the explosive cannister at the base of the stairs as he passes by. This will deal a large amount of damage for the price of a single bullet.
  • Drop into the hatch & use Proximity Mines/Grenades: You grabbed the proximity mine we mentioned above, right? That means you should have at least one (though the more, the better!). Drop into the hatch you just came from and back down the hall, planting proximity mines as you go (make sure you set them far enough apart that they don't trigger one another). Minigun man will soon follow you down the hall, setting them off as he goes for massive damage. Once you've exhausted your mines, take cover by the corners and toss grenades at him (you should have at least two incendiary). Once you've exhausted those, switch to your guns and shoot him--back away when he gets close to the next corner and repeat.
  • Return to the previous area: If you haven't yet killed minigun man, you'll soon run out of room in the hall. At this point, it's best to climb the ladder back to the previous area and evade him by circling the boxes--this should give you plenty of oppurtunities to counter with attacks of your own, particular when he stops right at a corner, preventing him from shooting you, but leaving himself quite vulnerable.
  • Go back for items: If you run low on supplies, lure him to the previous area via the tunnel (if you haven't already). then head back, giving you plenty of time to collect the goods scattered about (including several herbs on the walkways), while he slowly plods his way back.

Once you've killed the minigun man, collect the Tanker Card A he drops, the first of two. Now explore the room for any items you may have missed, then climb the stairs from where he came. Follow the walkway right of the locked door and jump the gap to find a couple of crates as well as a safe containing Tanker Card B--use them to open the locked door you just passed.

Upon entering, you'll be bombarded by rockets. Immediately seek cover behind the boxes ahead and use the rifle to pick off the three rocket-guys (one left, one right, and one below) between rockets. Afterward, look for some boxes and a green herb to your right, then drop to the level below for another barrel, and climb the stairs to a far door.

Chapter 6-2: Main Deck


This section contains some plot spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The chapter begins with everyone's favorite--wait for it--interactive cutscene! Tap the buttons shown on-screen rapidly to escape into the ship. Once there, follow the hall, but be ready to dodge incoming tentacles by tapping the displayed button. Look for a green herb in a corner, then duck into a room on the right to get around the tentacle blocking the path. Check the lockers within for handgun ammo and a Chalice. Now head left down the hall, to a door (ducking by another tentacle along the way). Open a locker within for rifle ammo then exit into an adjacent room. Grab the proximity mine from the corpse, check the locker for handgun ammo, then grab the shotgun shells before exiting into the hall. Head left up the stairs (watch out for another tentacle), then proceed into a room on the left for a green herb and a second Chalice inside a locker, before pushing further up the hall. You'll soon find a corridor full of corpses--stay back and shoot one to reveal that they're not actually dead! Use the shotgun or grenades to mow them down, but be ready for a clam-parasite to pop out of one of them. Toss a flash grenade if you have it to kill him quickly, otherwise kill him the conventional way to obtain a Bridge Keycard.

With the Bridge Keycard in tow, continue through a door at the end of the hall, then use the card on the door within to enter the bridge. Climb the stairs and check either side of the room for handgun & shotgun ammo, before climbing the stairs on the left to a door, leading outside.

Back outside, head left for a couple of boxes, then continue through the door for a boss fight. Your first order of business is to grab the L.T.D. from the storage compartment in the wall your right. This baby features an auto-targeting system that can fire a powerful laser beam onto the designated target. The only drawback? It has to recharge after each shot (as indicated by the beeping noise). The L.T.D. is surprisingly easy to use: just aim at the desired target and keep the cursor on it while the auto-targeting system lock-on, which takes a few seconds--as soon as it does, pull the trigger to summon the laser beam.

So here's the game plan: at the end of each of Uroboros tentacles is a red dome thing--destroy all of them to reveal its true weak point: a massive red dome that's only exposed for a few moments. Each time you damage one of the tentacle's domes, its color will dim, providing an indicator of how much "health" it has left. Now the L.T.D can tale down these domes with a single hit, however, since it has to recharge between shots, you'll have to switch to your conventional weapons in the meantime. However, the L.T.D. is most useful for inflicting heavy damage on Uroboros main weak point, so avoid using it on the final tentacle of each set, that way it's charged and ready to go when you need it most! It should only take about three direct hits to its main weak point with the L.T.D. to destroy it for good.

Uroboros only has a a few attacks, most of which are tentacle swipes. The majority of these can be easily avoided by staying to either side of the platform, though you will be prompted by an on-screen button in order to dodge a few of them. Furthermore, Uroboros will spit out a few creatures, but they rarely post a problem. However, they are worth killing if you run low on ammo, as they frequently drop items.

Chapter 6-3: Bridge Deck


This section contains some plot spoilers. Read at your own risk.

With Uroboros defeated, head back into the bridge and catch a ride on the central lift. Once off the lift, you'll find five enemies you can target from the platform: One further up the walkway, one on a platform to the right, another on a bridge slightly to your left, a fourth down below, and a fifth in the pool of water on the lower floor (he can be hard to spot, so don't sweat it if you can't find him--he's easy enough to kill later). Once they're down, follow the walkway and look for a green herb on the left before hopping down. Before hopping into the pool of water below, look for another enemy opposite you on the other side. Now drop down, grab the incendiary grenade from the corner and climb the ladder.

Continue up the staircase to a switch (look for a green herb nearby as well. Pull it to open a door along the wall dead-ahead (assuming you're facing the switch). Now wait by the switch and face the path you came from, as a swarm of baddies are heading your way!

Once they're down, follow the walkway around a couple of corners, but before climbing the stairs down, look for enemies on the high ledge to the left, as well as directly across from you. Once you're sure it's clear, head down the stairs and seek cover behind any of the central columns--peek around either side and use the rifle (if you've got it!) to pick off the gunners and rocket-launchers within--there's quite a few, so look all over, including on a high walkway toward the back of the room. Once it seems clear, jump the gap into that area and dart a few feet in--this will trigger more enemies--hop back across and retreat to your cover point to take them down…you may have to do this once more as well. Make sure to check the walkways on either side of the room, too. Once clear, explore the area to find four green herbs (one on either side of the lower secions, another on the left of the main platform, and a fourth on the raised right walkway) and two rooms on the top floor for various goodies, such as a red herb, nitrogen shells, proximity mines, and first aid spray.

Once you've stocked up, pull both levers by the large door to begin the process of opening it. Now spin around and get ready for two insects to attack--you should have enough time to take down the first before the second attacks. Use the shotgun! Now as soon as they're dead, you have to get ready for the next part, which involves the appearance of two minigun toting baddies as soon as that large door opens. Battling them is a major pain in the ass--unless you know about a handy turret nearby that can take them down with ease!

As soon as the bugs are killed, jump down to the right (assuming you're facing away from the levers), then turn right again and face the wall that's opening, revealing a gate. Once it fully opens, a cutscene will play showing the two minigun baddies appearing. Immediately jump the gap ahead and climb the ladder on the left, up to the turret. Grab hold and aim it at both of the minigun guys as they descend the staircase to the left--aim at one until he reels back in pain, then aim for the other until he does the same, alternating targets to keep them in place, stunned. Now you do have to be careful of the turret over-heating, so let up on the trigger for a second or two if you see flames! A good way to keep the heat under control is to stop firing briefly whenever you alternate firing between the two gunners. We should also note that several other enemies will attempt to attack you during this process, but Sheva should keep them off your back as long as she has ammo.

With the two minigunners down, grab the key cards they drop, then explore the area for several items, such as flash grenades, acid rounds, and a green herb. Now use the keycards to exit through the door into a hall, through another door, where a battle with Wesker awaits!

The battle with Wesker is simpler than it appears. In short, he's quite apt at evading your attacks, so don't even bother battling him conventionally. But before we get to the whole 'killing' him part, there are two levers on the lower floor you should pull to dim the lights--this makes it more difficult for Wesker to dodge your attacks. Now it's time to track down the only weapon capable of hurting Wesker: the rocket launcher! One can be found in a glass container on the lower floor, and additional rockets on the top floor. Once you've got one, aim it right at Wesker and fire!

Wesker will grab hold of it--immediately shoot the rocket he's holding (shotgun is easiest) to detonate it, stunning him. Now run up to him and press the button shown on-screen to stick him with the syringe him!

Now that Wesker's moping around like a loser, he'll try and jet out of there on his bomber. Chris, not having any of this, will hop aboard and engage him in a battle, through the magic of an interactive cutscene, so get ready to tap those buttons!

After crash landing inside the volcano, you'll have to take on Wesker once more. But first, grab the goodies behind you before venturing into the battle. Once it starts--run, otherwise he'll swimply swipe his tentacle into you, knocking you into the lava! Turn around and hightail it up the path. After Chris drops to the ground below, get ready to "jump" immediately after the cutscene. Now you'll have two paths to choose between--take the high road, then make a sharp left and head to the edge overlooking the ramp you just climbed.

In position? Good--wait here as Wesker slowly makes his way up the ramp after you. As he does, aim for the glowing red spot on his back and fire (if you're playing with a second player, have them do the same from the cliff's edge). This is his only weak point for the time being, and since he moves rather slowly, you should be able to target it several times as he climbs the ramp. If all goes well, he'll grow a second tentacle and leap to the cliff Sheva's on. If he doesn't, that means you have more damage to inflict. Because most of his attacks can be dodged by tapping the button displayed on-screen, you really don't have to worry about dodging them too much. As such, run past him and perform a quick 180 to target the weak point on his back--this is generally easiest when Wesker's preparing an attack, as signaled by him raising a tentacle and yelling.

Once Wesker hops over to the cliff ledge Sheva's on, wait for her to run down the path and jump to a far ledge, which she'll desperately try to scramble up. You have to keep Wesker off of her so she has enough time to do so--fire whatever you've got at him to slow him down and distact him. He should then aim for you instead, so make sure to avoid his attacks. Once Sheva's successfully climbed onto the platform, drop to the lower walkway and quickly push the boulder in the lava (by tapping the buttons shown on screen). Once you have, Sheva can use it as a platform to join you!

Now that you and Sheva are a happy couple again, climb back up to the main, circular platform (where you were shooting at Wesker from before). Wesker will join you shortly, signaling the final portion of the battle. So here's the deal: you need to target the same red weakpoint you targetted before. It starts on his back, but after a few direct shots, a cutscene will show it moving to his chest…but we're getting ahead of ourselves.

Unfortunately, if you're playing single-player, Sheva is absolutely worthless during this segment, so it's up to you. In order to target Wesker's weak-point on his back, you'll have to get behind him, which is damn tricky as he seems to target only you (ignoring Sheva completley). The best way to do this is quickly run past him (ideally while he's charging an attack, as indicated by him raising a tentacle) and immediatley turn around (using the quick-turn) and aim for the red spot on his back. This is easiest to do with the shotgun, though any weapon works. After a few direct shots, a cutscene will play showing that spot moving to his chest. Now this is the easy part: just shoot that spot to stun him, then quickly run behind Wesker and press the button shown on-screen to grab him--now just mash the buttons displayed to take him down for good. If you're playing with a second-player, have them in position behind Wesker, ready for the grab. If you take too long, the weak point will return to his back, meaning you'll have to repeat the sequence.

As far as Wesker's attacks, both of them can be easily avoided by tapping the button shown on-screen. However, if you get too close, he will grab you--the grab itself doesn't cause any damage, but it will if he holds onto you for too long, so keep your partner close by so they can save you. Also, Wesker has an annoying whirl-wind type move that inflicts massive damage--if you see him rear both tentacles up and dig them into the ground, run away and stay away until the attack ends.

Once Wesker is down, get ready to pull both triggers during the cutscene to finish him off once and for all.

Xbox 360 Achievements

Note that there are Spoilers on this list.

Achievement NameHow To EarnReward
Completed Chapter 1 - 1Complete Chapter 1 - 1 on any difficulty setting.15
Completed Chapter 1 - 2Complete Chapter 1 - 2 on any difficulty setting.15
Completed Chapter 2 - 1Complete Chapter 2 - 1 on any difficulty setting.15
Completed Chapter 2 - 2Complete Chapter 2 - 2 on any difficulty setting.15
Completed Chapter 2 - 3Complete Chapter 2 - 3 on any difficulty setting.15
Completed Chapter 3 - 1Complete Chapter 3 - 1 on any difficulty setting.15
Completed Chapter 3 - 2Complete Chapter 3 - 2 on any difficulty setting.15
Completed Chapter 3 - 3Complete Chapter 3 - 3 on any difficulty setting.15
Completed Chapter 4 - 1Complete Chapter 4 - 1 on any difficulty setting.15
Completed Chapter 4 - 2Complete Chapter 4 - 2 on any difficulty setting.15
Completed Chapter 5 - 1Complete Chapter 5 - 1 on any difficulty setting.15
Completed Chapter 5 - 2Complete Chapter 5 - 2 on any difficulty setting.15
Completed Chapter 5 - 3Complete Chapter 5 - 3 on any difficulty setting.15
Completed Chapter 6 - 1Complete Chapter 6 - 1 on any difficulty setting.15
Completed Chapter 6 - 2Complete Chapter 6 - 2 on any difficulty setting.15
Completed Chapter 6 - 3Complete Chapter 6 - 3 on any difficulty setting.15
RecruitComplete all chapters on Amateur.15
SoldierComplete all chapters on Normal.15
VeteranComplete all chapters on Veteran.30
War HeroComplete all chapters on the most difficult setting.70
Egg HuntFind all 4 types of eggs.15
All Dressed UpPurchase all available alternative costumes in Bonus Features.30
StockpileObtain all available weapons.30
Take It to the MaxCompletely upgrade all weapons.30
They Belong in a MuseumObtain all treasures in the game.30
Badge of HonorFind all the BSAA emblems.30
They're ACTION Figures!Collect all the figurines.30
A Friend in NeedSave partner 10 times when HELP is displayed.15
LifeguardSave partner 10 times when DYING is displayed.15
Exploding HeadsPull off 20 headshots.15
A Cut AboveDefeat 5 enemies with the Knife.15
Cattle ProdDefeat 30 enemies with the Stun rod.15
Crowd ControlDefeat 30 enemies with the Gatling gun.15
Bull's-eyeDefeat 30 enemies with the Longbow..15
Get PhysicalDefeat 20 enemies with physical attacks.15
The WorksChain the maximum number of combos together in one go.15
Lead AspirinDefeat a Majini with a headshot while it's jumping.30
FireworksShoot an enemy Molotov cocktail, dynamite stick, or hand grenade..15
Be the KnifeDeflect a bow gun arrow with your knife.60
Meat ShowerDefeat 3 Majini with one grenade or proximity bomb.15
Go into the LightDefeat 2 enemies with one flash grenade.15
Ride the LightningDefeat a Majini using the electric current from a transformer.15
Stop, Drop, & RollDefeat 3 Majini at once by setting oil canisters on fire.15
Baptism by FireDefeat 3 Majini at once with a drum or gas tank explosion.15
Masters of RemovingWork together to save someone special.15
Bad BloodInflict a set amount of damage to your greatest enemy.15
Drive ByStop an armored truck by taking out the driver.30
Egg on Your FaceDefeat a Majini with a rotten egg.15
Heart StopperDefeat a certain enemy by stabbing it in the heart.15
Who Do You Trust?Build up a certain level of trust with your partner.30

PlayStation 3 Trophies

Note that there are Spoilers on this list.

Achievement NameHow To EarnReward
Completed Chapter 1 - 1Complete Chapter 1 - 1 on any difficulty setting.Bronze
Completed Chapter 1 - 2Complete Chapter 1 - 2 on any difficulty setting.Bronze
Completed Chapter 2 - 1Complete Chapter 2 - 1 on any difficulty setting.Bronze
Completed Chapter 2 - 2Complete Chapter 2 - 2 on any difficulty setting.Bronze
Completed Chapter 2 - 3Complete Chapter 2 - 3 on any difficulty setting.Bronze
Completed Chapter 3 - 1Complete Chapter 3 - 1 on any difficulty setting.Bronze
Completed Chapter 3 - 2Complete Chapter 3 - 2 on any difficulty setting.Bronze
Completed Chapter 3 - 3Complete Chapter 3 - 3 on any difficulty setting.Bronze
Completed Chapter 4 - 1Complete Chapter 4 - 1 on any difficulty setting.Bronze
Completed Chapter 4 - 2Complete Chapter 4 - 2 on any difficulty setting.Bronze
Completed Chapter 5 - 1Complete Chapter 5 - 1 on any difficulty setting.Bronze
Completed Chapter 5 - 2Complete Chapter 5 - 2 on any difficulty setting.Bronze
Completed Chapter 5 - 3Complete Chapter 5 - 3 on any difficulty setting.Bronze
Completed Chapter 6 - 1Complete Chapter 6 - 1 on any difficulty setting.Bronze
Completed Chapter 6 - 2Complete Chapter 6 - 2 on any difficulty setting.Bronze
Completed Chapter 6 - 3Complete Chapter 6 - 3 on any difficulty setting.Bronze
RecruitComplete all chapters on Amateur.Bronze
SoldierComplete all chapters on Normal.Bronze
VeteranComplete all chapters on Veteran.Silver
War HeroComplete all chapters on the most difficult setting.Gold
Egg HuntFind all 4 types of eggs.Bronze
All Dressed UpPurchase all available alternative costumes in Bonus Features.Silver
StockpileObtain all available weapons.Silver
Take It to the MaxCompletely upgrade all weapons.Silver
They Belong in a MuseumObtain all treasures in the game.Silver
Badge of HonorFind all the BSAA emblems.Silver
They're ACTION Figures!Collect all the figurines.Silver
A Friend in NeedSave partner 10 times when HELP is displayed.Bronze
LifeguardSave partner 10 times when DYING is displayed.Bronze
Exploding HeadsPull off 20 headshots.Bronze
A Cut AboveDefeat 5 enemies with the Knife.Bronze
Cattle ProdDefeat 30 enemies with the Stun rod.Bronze
Crowd ControlDefeat 30 enemies with the Gatling gun.Bronze
Bull's-eyeDefeat 30 enemies with the Longbow..Bronze
Get PhysicalDefeat 20 enemies with physical attacks.Bronze
The WorksChain the maximum number of combos together in one go.Bronze
Lead AspirinDefeat a Majini with a headshot while it's jumping.Silver
FireworksShoot an enemy Molotov cocktail, dynamite stick, or hand grenade..Bronze
Be the KnifeDeflect a bow gun arrow with your knife.Silver
Meat ShowerDefeat 3 Majini with one grenade or proximity bomb.Bronze
Go into the LightDefeat 2 enemies with one flash grenade.Bronze
Ride the LightningDefeat a Majini using the electric current from a transformer.Bronze
Stop, Drop, & RollDefeat 3 Majini at once by setting oil canisters on fire.Bronze
Baptism by FireDefeat 3 Majini at once with a drum or gas tank explosion.Bronze
Masters of RemovingWork together to save someone special.Bronze
Bad BloodInflict a set amount of damage to your greatest enemy.Bronze
Drive ByStop an armored truck by taking out the driver.Silver
Egg on Your FaceDefeat a Majini with a rotten egg.Bronze
Heart StopperDefeat a certain enemy by stabbing it in the heart.Bronze
Who Do You Trust?Build up a certain level of trust with your partner.Silver
RESIDENT EVIL 5 Platinum TrophyCongratulations! You've overcome all your fears in RESIDENT EVIL 5!Platinum

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