Republic at GDC

Elixir Studios' ambitious strategy game set in Eastern Europe will be shown at the Game Developers Conference this week.

Republic was first revealed behind closed doors at E3 last May. The ambitious strategy game, designed by ex-members of famed British developer Bullfrog Studios, focuses on a fictional nation that establishes its independence during the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s. As a political leader in this nation, the player's goal will be to rise to power by building a strong network of personal relationships with others in key positions. Players will be able to assume power through different means, such as military force, crime, religion, and more.

Republic features a fully 3D engine that models the entire nation accurately and keeps track of its thousands of inhabitants. The game is currently slated for release more than a year from now, in spring 2002. Nevertheless, it will be shown by its developers at the Game Developers Conference this week. GameSpot will have first-hand impressions of the game at that time.

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